Parliamentary Finance: Approving the budget within 10 days and limiting the salary deduction to these categories

Time: 01/22/2021 21:03:08 Read: 5,668 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected the approval of the draft federal budget bill for 2021 within 10 days.

Committee member Naji Al-Saeedi said in a televised statement: “Sovereign expenditures in the budget are very high and we seek to reduce public spending to 130 trillion dinars instead of 163 trillion dinars and increase revenues to 120 trillion dinars from oil and non-oil outlets such as taxes, customs, border crossings, etc., to support the poor classes.” And the toiling, as well as retirees and employees, and we seek to classify this budget for these bodies. ”

He called on “the Kurdistan region to abide by the implementation of the agreement stipulated in the budget,” noting that “reducing financial expenditures is a strategy and maintaining this deficit means a collapse of the economic situation.”

Al-Saeedi noted that, ”

He stressed, “Parliament will raise the price of a barrel of oil sold to the refineries, as it will save more than 7 trillion dinars.”

Al-Saeedi expected “the budget will be approved in parliament within 10 days, and it will be completely restructured,” noting that “the Ministry of Finance does not know the number of its employees, and we have reached results that differ from what was mentioned in the budget and some of the numbers in the budget are inaccurate and must be reconsidered.”

He added, “We got unreal figures and found big differences, for example in the Ministry of Defense, and we got unreal data.”


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