Iraq: Preparations for the resumption of dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil

Arab Reports


Baraa Al-Shammari

January 22, 2021

The 2021 budget, the most important points of contention between Baghdad and Erbil (Twitter)

The Kurdistan region of Iraq is preparing to resume dialogues with the federal government in Baghdad , in conjunction with discussions held by parliamentary blocs on the 2021 budget , which represents the most important points of contention between Baghdad and Erbil. 

The Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dara Rashid, confirmed that two delegations, one governmental and the other political, will go to Baghdad soon with the aim of fixing the share of Kurdistan in the current year’s budget, expressing, in an interview reported by Kurdish media, his desire to complete the agreement with

He pointed out that the Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to deliver to Baghdad the amounts of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day, and 50% of the region’s local imports, in exchange for Baghdad’s approval to pay all the region’s dues, pointing out that the two Kurdish delegations will go through rounds of dialogue to fix everything related to the rights of the region. 

He continued, “In the event that an agreement is reached with Baghdad, we will have in the Kurdistan region 3 sources of income, which are the region’s share of the federal budget, our oil imports, and our non-oil imports,” adding: “And in the event that no agreement is reached with Baghdad on the budget, then The region will depend on its resources, as well as taking steps to implement reforms in all sectors to organize its resources. ” 

Informed Kurdish political sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the main Kurdish forces are holding dialogues with each other before the Kurdistan region negotiators go to Baghdad, indicating that the region has a real desire to reach an agreement with the federal government that would guarantee all the region’s financial dues. 

She explained that the representatives of the Kurdistan region in the Iraqi parliament have been engaged in deep discussions a few days ago regarding the region’s share in the 2021 budget, in order to expedite the resolution of this issue, and to ensure that previous financial crises between Baghdad and Erbil will not be repeated, pointing out that the dialogues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government will not be limited. On financial issues, it will also discuss the situation of the disputed areas, especially the security breaches in some of these areas. 

Yesterday, Thursday, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, said, during his meeting with representatives of the diplomatic missions in the region, that his government is working to establish the best relations with the federal government in order to solve all problems comprehensively and on the basis of the constitution, explaining that Kurdistan has fulfilled its obligations in this field. 

He pointed to the desire of the Kurdistan region to reach an agreement that serves the interest of all Iraqi citizens, stressing the need not to include the issue of salaries in the political conflict in a way that could make it a pressure card against the Kurdistan region, and to resort to the starvation policy towards those who receive salaries. 

Barzani pointed out that the Kurdistan region has made great efforts in order to provide the salaries of its employees, explaining that the regional government program emphasizes diversifying the economy, increasing sources of income, reducing expenditures, reorganizing taxes, and facilitating the work of foreign and local investors.

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