Majida Al-Tamimi: The discount is imminent … The budget is presented within days

2021.01.21 – 18:32

Baghdad – People   

On Thursday, a member of the Finance Committee, Magda Al-Tamimi, announced the continuation of the committee’s meetings, with the hosting of several official bodies, regarding ending the financial budget file.  

A statement issued by Al-Tamimi office that “People” received a copy of (January 21, 2021) stated: “The meetings of the Finance Committee are continuing, with the hosting of several official bodies to find out the accurate data for each ministry and institution to explain some of the materials and the extent of their economic viability, in preparation for making decisions about the articles. And after reviewing the most prominent obstacles facing each side. ”  

Al-Tamimi pointed to “the diligent work of the sub-committees formed by the Finance Committee to provide detailed reports on the budgets of the three presidencies, ministries, institutions and all bodies, and from the principle of exchanging visions in preparation for resolving what is related to the 2021 budget, especially with regard to reducing expenditures and increasing revenues.”  

And she continued, “It is hoped that the budget will be presented to a vote within days.”

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