A monthly salary for every Iraqi..within the promises of previous governments and the possibility of implementation

874 Policy 01/2021 20:27

Baghdad today – Baghdad 

A member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, Mazen Al-Faili, confirmed today, Wednesday, that wealth belongs to the Iraqi people, and while noting that it is not distributed fairly among the people, he indicated that the talk about paying a salary to every citizen of the revolutions is just electoral propaganda, he said.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Mazen Al-Faily stated that “to disburse oil revenues to Iraqis you need a special system that differs from the current situation and the management of financial policy,” noting that “wealth is the property of the Iraqi people and therefore must be distributed fairly and equally, according to population density.” And entitlement for each province. ”

Al-Faily added, “The southern governorates have entitlements regarding petrodollars that they have not yet received due to weak procedures, mismanagement and the economic crisis that the country is going through.”

He explained, “The talk of previous governments about allocating a monthly salary to every citizen is a constructive talk that has nothing to do with reality or electoral propaganda, but when they reach power, they clash with reality.”

Officials and representatives in parliament have been promising for years to allocate a salary to every Iraqi person from oil sales imports, without any implementation or proposal yet, at a time when activists and politicians consider that these statements come as part of the vote-gathering process before each election process.

Iraq is experiencing a suffocating financial crisis due to the decline in oil prices due to the Corona pandemic crisis, which has paralyzed large sectors of the world’s economies.

Before the Corona crisis, revenues from selling crude were about $ 6 billion a month, but they have almost halved since last year, 2020.



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