Parliamentary Finance: To vote on the budget next week .. This is the fate of the salary deduction

Time: 01/16/2021 15:22:47 Read: 3,471 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Diyar Barwari, revealed today, Saturday, that his committee is making a great effort in the matter of adjusting the budget and has continuous meetings.

Berwari said in a press interview: “Today we envision the last session to receive the remarks and proposals of the deputies, and maybe this week we will have the final formulations of the law and maybe the vote on the law will take place next week.”

He pointed out that “there is a tendency to pressure spending in the budget and we want to coordinate with the government so as not to affect the ruling expenditures.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, the budget includes functional deductions amounting to 5 trillion dinars, and the government tried to enter it into the budget as an achievement, and these deductions are rejected by MPs and cannot take place because of the citizen’s financial situation with the increase of the dollar exchange rate and salaries deduction, and the House of Representatives against that.”

He explained that “the agreement between Baghdad and the region is in the budget and stipulated in articles 10 and 11 of the draft law in which the Kurdistan region pledges to provide 250 thousand barrels of oil to the Federal Oil Marketing Company {SOMO} and sovereign expenditures as imports from the ports to Baghdad, and this agreement took place between the two parties, but political parties. He is opposed to it in general, especially with the approaching elections, and to exploit this politically. ”

And that “justice in general in the distribution of wealth in the budget does not exist, and there is a disparity in the budgets between the provinces, including Basra, such as delayed payment of petrodollar dues and 5% of the outlets’ fees, and this includes all provinces and it is the duty of the provincial representatives in Parliament to defend their provinces.”

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee concluded: “The current payment and thought in the parliament and the deputies, passing the budget before the end of the current legislative season after it was extended for a month and the legislative holiday was reduced for the purpose of approving the budget.”

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