To Combat Terrorism, The Kuwaiti Central Bank Issues An Urgent Statement To All Banks

Last updated Jan 14, 2021


The Independent / -Ahmed Abdullah / The Central Bank of Kuwait issued a circular including the names of 37 entities and individuals that were distributed to all local banks and exchange companies to provide it with any information available on them.

The circular issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait stated that this comes in implementation of United Nations resolutions related to combating terrorism and preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

The Kuwaiti Central stated in its circular that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Committee for the Implementation of Security Council Resolutions had received from the United Nations the Targeting Terrorism Financing Center (TFTC) a letter regarding the inclusion of a number of individuals, entities and ships linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – the Quds Force and Hezbollah – on the list of terrorism. He pointed out that the listing will be in a consensual manner, with the consensus of the member states.

The United Nations had stated in a previous statement that the names belong to 19 individuals, 13 entities, and 5 oil tankers that have a relationship with the aforementioned authorities, indicating that the sources of funding for the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah are still among the priorities of the committee worldwide.

The committee requested that it provide it with all the names of individuals and entities dealing with the required names, and they are:

1 – Ismail Qaani

2 – Muhammad Hegazy

3 – Rustam Qasimi

4 – Morteza Qasimi

5 – Ali Kassir

6 – Sun God Asadi

7 – Company «Africo 1 Off-Shore SAL»

8 – Muhammad Reza Ali Akbari

9 – KISH P&I Club

10 – Muhammad Qasir

11 – Muhammad Qasim Al-Bazzal

12 – Company «Hokoul SAL Offshore»

13 – The Talaqi Group

14 – Company «Alumix»

15 – The Tone of Life

16 – Company «Tawafuk


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