Al-Kazemi government takes 5 new decisions





Iraqi Council of Ministers

2021-01-12 13:22

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Shafaq News / On Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of Ministers held a regular session headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which a number of issues were discussed, in addition to the topics included in its agenda, during which five new decisions were taken.

During the session, developments were discussed in the work of the Committee for the Promotion of Governmental Measures, in the areas of prevention and control of health and awareness.

After the Council of Ministers discussed the topics listed on the session’s agenda, it issued the following decisions:

1- Approval of the Ministerial Council for Energy Recommendation No. (69 of 2020) regarding the amendment of the Ministerial Council for Energy Resolution No. (52 of 2020) regarding the transfer of petroleum products in favor of the Ministry of Electricity, according to the following:

– The Ministry of Oil continues to transfer oil products for the benefit of the electric power stations of the Ministry of Electricity, provided that the amount of debt is settled from the percentage of profits of the Ministry of Oil companies to be financed by the Ministry of Finance.

2- Approval of the Ministerial Energy Council’s recommendation No. 71 of 2020 regarding approval to authorize the Minister of Electricity, the authority to contract regarding calls for the implementation of transmission lines (Rumaila Investment Station – Dhi Qar vehicle station, Faw 400KV station, Shatt al-Basra gas station, and station Al-Hartha Thermal – Al-Qurna plant 400 kV), the details of which are confirmed in the Ministry of Electricity’s book number (41611 on November 29, 2020), according to the following:

First – That the contract is in dollars instead of dinars, contrary to what is stipulated in the invitation documents, provided that the exchange rate is based on the bulletin of the closing day.

Second – That the referral of invitations be made in amounts that do not exceed the amount of the estimated cost at a rate of (9.5%), plus a maximum (10%) of the estimated amount per kilometer in the case of using the basis (piles), according to the approved designs and for the areas that require this, according to what came At the origin of the call.

Third – For the Ministry of Oil to provide financial support for the project from the profitable companies (the share of the Ministry of Finance), due to the importance of the project, and to adopt the same payment mechanism for the projects included in the Cabinet Resolution No. (132 of 2020).

3- Zeroing the stamp fee for the national campaign and the stamp fee for customs fees on postal parcels, based on the provisions of Article 37 of the Law on Stamping Numbered (71 of 2012).

– Exemption of the Ministry of Finance for inspection fees on postal parcels that are collected according to Customs Decree No. (4 of 2011) amended by Resolution No. (2 of 2016), from baggage identification fees, to reduce the burden on citizens and their reluctance to transport by government mail.

4- The long-term biometric voter card is one of the official documents approved in state departments.

– All employees and contractors working in state institutions must update their biometric data within 60 days, and obtain a long-term biometric voter card, and this decision shall be implemented as of (February 1, 2021).

5- Approving the authorization of the Minister of Finance (Ali Haider Abdul Amir Allawi), the power to sign the grant agreement provided by the European Union under the supervision of the World Bank, in the amount of (12,500,000) dollars, only twelve million five hundred thousand dollars, to finance the project to strengthen monitoring and accountability institutions in the administration Public finance, provided that an amount of (8,500,000) dollars is allocated, only eight million five hundred thousand dollars to be implemented by the government side, and an amount (4,000,000) dollars, only four million dollars, to be implemented by the World Bank, based on the provisions of Article (3) of the Law Contracts of treaties (35 of 2015), according to what was stated in the book of the Ministry of Finance No. 8122 dated 12/13/2020.

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