The Finance Committee holds a meeting in which the discussion of the General Budget Law continues




Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The heads of the Shiite blocs, in the presence of the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament at the headquarters of the Al-Hikma block, held a meeting to discuss the importance of approving more important laws and the importance of expediting the approval of the financial budget after extensive discussion.

The House of Representatives, in its session yesterday, Saturday, completed the first reading of the draft Federal Budget Law for the year 2021, which “aims to frame the financial activities and operations of the ministries and entities not associated with a ministry and the governorates during the fiscal year and to determine the financial revenues, current and investment expenditures and the expected deficit and ways to address them and to put in place an accurate and transparent mechanism in Distribution of the state’s financial resources. ”

The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, indicated during the session that “there is a large deficit of more than 44% of the total value of the general budget, and this violates the financial management law,” warning of the repercussions of the financial deficit that pushes the government to borrow internally and externally and leads to an increase in burdens Finances on the state. ”

The Presidency of Parliament directed the discussion of the draft budget law in tomorrow’s session, Monday.

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