Parliamentary Finance determines the changes it will make in the 2021 budget: changing the price of a barrel of oil to $ 56

2021/01/10 10:35

The number of readings 85

Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: On Sunday 10 January 2021, the Finance Committee in Parliament identified the changes to be made in the country’s federal budget for the year 2021, after the first reading that Parliament completed on Saturday, for the draft budget law, while confirming the initiation of changes and amendments starting this week.

Committee reporter Ahmed Al-Saffar said in a press statement followed by Al-Masalla that the meeting of the Finance Committee that preceded the parliamentary session was deliberative to review some paragraphs and items of the federal budget for 2021, stressing that all changes to the draft budget will be in consultation with the government.

Al-Saffar added that our changes will be in agreement with the government, in order to rectify any dispute or problem that may arise between the executive and legislative authorities, indicating that the Finance Committee will proceed with its changes and discuss the origin of the law, and it will be this week.

He pointed out that the changes that the Finance Committee will undertake is to change the price of a barrel of oil after it rose from $ 42 to $ 56 per barrel, adding that one of the most important problems and issues that we will work to change is the problem of the budget deficit.

Al-Saffar confirmed that the House of Representatives will try to accelerate the legislation of the budget law due to the current circumstances, expecting that passing the law needs a month to complete and vote on it by the House of Representatives after making a number of amendments to it.

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