Kurdistan government: We are committed to the results of the agreement with the federal government

Political | 07:38 – 01/08/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Jutiar Adel, confirmed, on Friday, that the regional government is committed to the results of the agreement with the federal government.

According to government media, Adel said, “Since the formation of the government, the technical and sub-committees began their mission to audit imports in the region according to the Federal and Federal Office of Supervision and in coordination with the Office of Supervision in the region,” noting that “joint cooperation exists, the work of the committees continues and the visits are mutual, and that there are committees A high-ranking official recently visited Baghdad for the purpose of implementing and achieving the agreement between the two parties.

He added that “during the recent visit of the Vice President of the Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, to Baghdad, the conditions for implementing and implementing the budget were agreed upon, and the delivery of 250 barrels per day, and there is no problem with this issue,” indicating that “there is a big challenge with the subject of the budget law, which everyone hopes to pass.” As is”.

He stressed that “the region has shown full commitment to the constitution and the agreement on the region’s share and implementation paragraphs regarding the federal budget, and there is no argument left, and I confirm commitment to the agreement between the federal government and the region.”

Adel pointed out that “the regional government is committed to any mechanism or agreement regarding border crossings within the framework of the constitution,” noting that “in the constitution, border crossings have joint powers for the regional government and the federal government, and the region will welcome any mechanism or agreement in this regard that is within the framework of the constitution and abides by it.” Ended 29 / A43



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