A statement from the US embassy in Baghdad about the recent congressional events

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Today, Friday, the US embassy in Baghdad issued a statement about the latest events in Congress.  

US Ambassador Matthew Tueller said in a statement: “We at the United States Embassy know that all eyes have been on events in America in the past few days,” adding that “freedom of expression is a crucial component of a vibrant and effective democracy, and this freedom, along with freedom of assembly “Peaceful protest is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America. However, there are those who may use the right of peaceful protest as a cover for chaos and criminal activity.”  

“This behavior is unacceptable, and leaders from across the political spectrum have been widely condemned. We are a state of laws, and those who attempt to obstruct the work of elected representatives in America will be held accountable,” the statement noted.  

“Most importantly, despite the attempt to disrupt the procedures, Congress has completed the constitutional process to confirm the winner of the presidential elections in November 2020, and the inauguration ceremony for President-elect Joseph Biden will take place on January 20,” he said.  

“We know that in Iraq, just as in the United States, politics often overlaps with entrenched sentiments and can be an unbridled and divisive force. We also know that despite differences in political opinion, Iraqis, like Americans, all seek to” Same thing: building a better nation for themselves and their children. ”  

“For us Americans, we are pleased with the remarks from allies and partners around the world about their belief in the power of our democracy. We look forward to continuing our work here as we continue to help our Iraqi partners build a secure, stable and prosperous Iraq,” he said.  

U.S. Embassy Baghdad


بيان السفير الأمريكي ماثيو تولر

8 يناير 2021

10:38 AM · Jan 8, 2021



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