Zebari: America supervises the transfer and transfer of Iraqi funds. Pompeo sent a message to Baghdad and Erbil

614 Policy 01/2021/07 22:01

Baghdad Today _ Follow up 

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hoshibar Zebari, said that most of Iraq’s money is in American banks for oil sales, while Washington is transporting the money “cash” to Baghdad by aircraft.

Hoshibar Zebari said in a televised interview that she followed (Baghdad today), that “Iraq is on a hot plate due to the US-Iranian escalation,” noting that “the period until January 20 is tense and troubling until the transfer of power from the current President Donald Trump to the elected Joe Biden.”

Zebari added, “Iran does not want escalation, and this is auspicious, but we fear undisciplined groups,” noting that “what is currently being targeted are logistical convoys of Iraqi contractors with the international coalition.”

He continued, “US Secretary of State Mark Pompeo informed Baghdad and Erbil that the continued attacks against the American embassy in Baghdad will push Washington to close it,” indicating that “the closure of the American embassy will perhaps pave the way for the closure of foreign embassies and the United Nations mission, which will create a dangerous diplomatic vacuum.”

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party asserted that “Iraq is going through an economic crisis, and the embassy closure will pave the way for investment to leave and prevent investors from coming,” suggesting that there will be “2,500 American diplomats in Iraq after reducing the number of embassy cadres.”

Regarding the US military moves in the Gulf region, Zebari said, “The massive US military moves in the Gulf region sent a message to Iran that it should not consider any action as the anniversary of the assassination of the Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani arrives.”

In the file of Iraqi funds in the United States, the former minister said, “The majority of Iraqi funds are in American banks for oil sales, and are transported through planes as cash money to Iraq, and this matter is continuing, and I was briefed on it by Estzari days of the Ministry of Finance,” pointing out that “the states The United States could do a lot that would harm Iraq economically if targeted. ”

Regarding the devaluation of the Iraqi currency, he stressed that “the option to go towards raising the value of the dollar against the dinar is not new, and when I was in the government, we used to hesitate to go towards it due to fears that it would harm citizens, but now there is no option in front of the government, as you say.”

And the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party stated that “the change of the exchange rate took place in consultation with the leaders of the political forces,” noting that “the government white paper is ambitious and good, and it was written to reform the economic situation and convince the international community to help Iraq, but it will only be applied with boldness and correct leadership.” .


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