Saleh and the US ambassador affirm the respect for sovereignty and reject interventions and attacks

Time: 01/07/2021 15:07:22 Read: 403 times

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received today, Thursday, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, the US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Toller, affirming the respect for sovereignty and rejecting interventions and attacks

According to a statement issued by the Media Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Al-Furat News received a copy of it, “During the meeting, relations between the two friendly countries were discussed, and the prospects for cooperation in various fields were developed in the context of the existing strategic dialogue between the two countries, in a way that achieves common interests, in addition to discussing developments.” Conditions in the country. ”

The statement added, “The meeting discussed the latest developments on the regional and international arenas, stressing the importance of reducing tensions and rejecting escalation, supporting efforts to enhance security, stability and peace in the region, using the language of dialogue in resolving outstanding issues, respecting sovereignty and rejecting interventions and attacks.” Forgiveness Al-Khalidi

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