Video .. Al-Kazemi touring Baghdad as disarmament begins

Alhurra – Washington

05 Jan 2021

On Monday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, went on a tour in the streets of Baghdad, where he exchanged talks with citizens, and ate lunch in a restaurant.

The Media Office of the Presidency of the Government published a video clip, showing Al-Kazemi meeting Iraqis on the road and communicating with them, while some approached him to take pictures with him.

This comes one day after the Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Interior announced the start, on Sunday, of a security operation to disarm unauthorized weapons in the capital, Baghdad.

A statement by the agency, reported by Iraqi media, stated that it is in the process of field inspection to disarm the unauthorized areas surrounding Baghdad International Airport.

Indeed, the detachments of the intelligence agency represented by the Intelligence of the Third Regiment of the Fifth and Sixth Brigade of the Federal Police Intelligence Directorate at the Ministry of Interior have already begun an inspection operation within the Hamdaniya and Al-Ustadat areas within the Baghdad governorate.

The statement added, “The operation resulted in the seizure of 8 Kalashnikov rifles, an RBK rifle, 5 assault grenades, 5 magazines, and 76 rounds of different rifle ammunition, a pistol, and various military equipment.”

In mid-December, an Iraqi anti-government protester was killed in eastern Baghdad by masked gunmen, according to what a security source, a medic, and a media network of activists said.

Activist Salah was known for his active role in the protests that erupted in the Iraqi capital and the predominantly Shiite south last year, and described the government as corrupt and ineffective and belonging to neighboring Iran.

Al-Iraqi was killed in the Al-Jadida neighborhood of the capital, Baghdad, according to a medic, a security source, and the Iraqi Social Media Network, a group of activists who report on the protests.

About 600 people have been killed in protest-related violence since the start of the protest movement in October 2019, including young organizers who were shot dead.

Al-Kazemi, who came to power in May after street pressure forced the former prime minister to resign, pledged to protect gatherings and arrest those responsible for past violence.

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