Kurdistan Finance Ministry announces “illegal” salary cuts for more than 10,000 people

808 Policy 01/2021 12:48

Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan government announced, on Monday (January 4, 2021), that it will cut “illegal” salaries for more than 10,000 people in the region.

The ministry said in a statement, translated by (Baghdad Today), that “in support of the Reform Law No. 2 of 2020, the progress of the salary reform and retirement law in the region has been determined,” noting that “the salaries of 10609 employees receiving illegal salaries have been stopped.”

She added, “The suspension included pension salaries for 10609 employees whose names were repeated in the biometric system more than once,” indicating that “the total number of people whose salaries have been suspended are 21,588 people who receive salaries illegally, and the employees who receive two salaries are 719 employees.” “.

It pointed out that “the employees who receive double salaries, employment and retirement pensions total 3909 people, and the employees who receive two pensions number 5909 people.”

The Ministry of Finance indicated that, “in the event that an employee is harmed by the above decision, he can inform the concerned authorities in the departments.”



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