Al-Kazemi challenges: Even if the reviews cost me my life, the reviews won’t stop me




2021-01-02 12:46

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed on Saturday that the auctions and parades will not stop his way to reform the country’s conditions, even if that cost him his life.

This came in a speech that bears a lot of challenge to Shiite factions close to Iran that sometimes disregard the state’s official institutions, including the prime minister, and do not obey them.

During the dialogue session with a number of ministers, university professors and political analysts, according to a statement by his office, Al-Kazemi said, “We start our year with hope, the ordeal has counted, and we open a new era in which we need cohesion and continuation of the reform approach.”

He added, “2020 was a difficult year for humanity with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the economic crisis, and security and political challenges, and in Iraq the crisis was more complex. We lost precious lives and suffered a lot,” noting that “the crisis and social mobility with all that resulted from it, are a bell.” A danger to everyone, and that the country is in danger .. The people have lost their confidence not only in the political forces, but in the state and its institutions. ”

Al-Kazemi pointed out that “the government that was honored to entrust its leadership came amid all these major crises, and from the first moment it worked to dismantle these crises and reduce their effects on our people and the future of our generations, and we were removed from the specter of a regional and international conflict that could have entered the Iraqi in a long series of wars.”

He pointed out that “the state has regained its health and confidence in its capabilities in the past 6 months. The security forces have become more confident and solid and have restored their relationship with the people, and the army is today more harmonious, and it is ready at any moment to protect the people against any danger.”

On the level of foreign relations, Al-Kazemi said, “6 months of the work of this government was enough to ensure that Iraq enjoys the strongest system of regional and international relations and confidence in it and its government that it has not seen for many decades .. Today all our neighbors and the world are seeking to support Iraq and cooperate in its rise from its stalemate. Everyone realized that regional and international balances need a strong, cohesive, and clear Iraq, and this did not come out of void, but rather from work, effort, goodwill and frankness in dealing with everyone.

Concerning early elections, he said, “We have made great strides in it. We now have an electoral law, a completed commission, and an election financing law, and we are left with nothing but the formation of the Federal Court, which we work with with all force.”

He said, “Our people were affected a lot by the financial crisis, just as the world was affected by the economic crisis resulting from the Corona pandemic, but its impact on Iraq was more difficult … and unfortunately previous governments did not plan for such crises,” noting that “Iraq has not witnessed any development, but rather has been destroyed. Its industry, agriculture, education and health system, during recent decades. ”

He stated, “The Iraqi economy has become subject to oil prices, in a weak economic environment with the outbreak of the epidemic. Corruption has eaten everything and everything.”

He added, “We were able to continue to provide the salaries of employees, and we carried out reforms and prepared a white paper capable of facing this crisis and the coming crises, and we will not allow the collapse of Iraq or its bankruptcy as other countries have bankrupted.”

Al-Kazemi added, “We protected the poor in the budget, and we will start implementing the white paper, and the most important thing is to adopt the budget, work and invest in major projects that will provide job opportunities for young people, and the market will revive and Iraq will become a source for industry and agriculture, not just oil.”

Regarding corruption, he said, “We have established the Committee to Combat Corruption and Exceptional Crimes, and for the first time big heads find themselves in prison that are not protected by a party or influential people, and they are continuing to do so, and 2021 will be the year of uncovering the major facts about corruption that affected the economy and development.”

He continued, “We presented an ambitious budget coinciding with the white paper reforms, and we were subjected to stabbing and auctions because of it,” adding, “I have always confirmed that I have come for reform, and the bids and shows will not stop me even if that cost me my life.”

He stressed, “Enough bids at the expense of Iraq … the budget and the white paper are not just cosmetic reforms to compliment each other. Rather, it is an effort supported by all international economic institutions and all respected experts. We have to touch the deep wounds of Iraq. It is enough to bleed Iraq’s funds, capabilities and resources.”

He said, “This is our last chance to get up and say before you and our people: I am not aspiring to a ruling or position, and I place my interest and my political future as a price for reform,” adding, “We are 17 years late, and we will not be late after that, and every bidder must put the interest of Iraq before his conscience.”

He concluded by saying, “The year 2021 is the year (the Iraqi achievement). We will all reach this achievement quickly and efficiently, and the state will triumph, Iraq will triumph over all challenges.”

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