Qubad Talabani: We informed Baghdad that we are ready to deliver 250 barrels of oil per day in exchange for budget legislation

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Baghdad Today – Follow-up 

The Deputy Prime Minister in the Kurdistan region and the head of the Kurdish negotiating delegation, Qubad Talabani, announced today, Monday, that Erbil is ready to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil to SOMO, in the event that the 2021 draft budget in its current form is voted in Parliament.

Qubad Talabani said, in a press conference: “If the draft budget is approved, we in the Kurdistan Regional Government are ready to deliver 250 thousand barrels of Kurdistan Region oil to SOMO.”

The head of the Kurdistan region’s delegation explained: “I think we held an adequate meeting, which lasted 4 hours, without stopping, during which we talked about the process of dialogue and negotiations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, not only during our last visit, but from the beginning of the government’s work until now.”

Talabani added, “We discussed the file of the dialogue in full, as we, as the Kurdistan Regional Government, are always striving to reach a final agreement with the federal government, whether it is with the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi or Mustafa Al-Kazemi. We also presented the results of our last visit, and we were able to answer all questions about the various Prospective topics. ”

On the draft budget for 2021, which was approved by the Iraqi government and sent to Parliament, Qubad Talabani said: “We talked about a mechanism to enhance our coordination and cooperation in order to pass the 2021 budget and vote on it as it is, and we, as the Kurdistan government, agree to that part that concerns the Kurdistan region and are committed with it”.

On the Kurdistan Regional Government’s willingness to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil to SOMO, in the event that the parliament approved the 2021 budget, Qubad Talabani said: “We had shown our readiness in the past and since November of 2019 to agree with the federal government, and now we are also showing our readiness to hand over the 250 A thousand barrels of oil and its export through SOMO, according to what was stated in the budget, and we will abide by the text of the law.

Earlier, the Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed that “good understandings” had been reached with the federal government regarding the draft budget law for 2021, indicating that “talks are still continuing with the aim of reaching a final agreement.”



The 2021 budget will arrive in Parliament tomorrow … and reassurance about January salaries


Staff salaries

2021 budget


2020-12-28 13:53

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Shafaq News / Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim confirmed, on Monday, that the 2021 budget will be sent tomorrow to the House of Representatives, reassuring employees that next month’s salaries will not be late for their disbursement dates even if the budget is approved, while indicating the continuation of negotiations with the Kurdistan Region regarding Financial belongings.

Nazem said in an interview with the government-owned Al-Iraqiya TV, followed by Shafaq News, that “the 2021 budget will be sent tomorrow, Tuesday, to the House of Representatives, and even if its approval is delayed, the salaries for the month of January will not be late, as the government will depend on spending it according to the 1 / budget.” 12 “.

He pointed out that “the budget was built on a reform vision to protect vulnerable groups through the ration card,” noting that the dollar exchange rate against the dinar is currently fluctuating, but it will eventually stabilize, and the government is insisting on this exchange rate because it activates the private sector.

Nazem stressed that “the decision to raise the dollar exchange rate categorically was proven by the government after a long discussion with leaders of political blocs and all the details of the budget.”

He explained that “the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, held a meeting today with the authorities and institutions concerned with the file of early elections, and the Independent High Electoral Commission presented what it needs for the success of the electoral process.”

Nazem added that “the meeting provided communication between the election commission and the concerned authorities, such as security ministries,” noting that “the government secured the funds and requirements for the elections, and the outcomes of the meeting emphasized the need to protect the electoral process and the mechanisms to confront the escaped weapon.”

On the issue of fugitive weapons, the cabinet spokesman said that “the mechanism for ending the fugitive weapon is done by political action and not by confrontation,” pointing out that “the popular crowd has disavowed the bearers of the fugitive weapons and there is widespread political and popular condemnation.”

With regard to the differences between Baghdad and Erbil, he stressed that “the Kurdistan Region agreed to the formulation of the borrowing law, and now there is a discussion about the amount to be paid and it is continuing until now.”


Kurdistan bloc: The Baghdad-Erbil agreement will be passed within the 2021 budget


2021 budget

2020-12-28 12:06

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Shafaq News / The Kurdish “Islamic Group” bloc in the Iraqi parliament expected, on Monday, to pass the federal budget, including the Kurdistan Region’s share, according to the Baghdad-Erbil agreement.

The representative of the group, Ahmad Haji Rashid, told Shafaq News that “it was scheduled to arrive today, the Federal Budget Law, to include the Iraqi Parliament,” indicating that the latter “and in holding its first session, he will refer the project to a first reading and then assign it to committees Basic and other supporting committees, considering the Finance Committee as a basic committee for the purpose of studying it. ”

He explained that those committees “will need from 20 to 30 days to approve the budget law,” stressing that “it will become a law in force for the government after it is approved in Parliament.”

Hajji indicated that “there are differences of opinion regarding the rights of some governorates and components,” adding, “I think it will pass.”

And that “the Kurdistan region’s budget is included in the federal government’s budget at 12.67%, and is set at more than 12 trillion dinars, provided that the regional government delivers 250,000 barrels, in addition to other federal wills.”

The deputy of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Salim Hamza, stated, earlier, that the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget for the next year will reach more than 12%, after reaching a technical agreement between Erbil and Baghdad on this topic.


Talabani renews Erbil’s willingness to deliver oil revenues to Baghdad

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Erbil – IQ  

The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, renewed, on Monday (December 28, 2020), his government’s willingness to hand over to Baghdad revenues of 250 thousand barrels of the region’s total oil exports, in compliance with the terms of the federal financial budget for 2021.


Al-Kazemi: My government is the product of the popular movement and the demand for authority and the forces of change



Early elections

2020-12-28 06:20

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Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi held an expanded meeting, which included ministers and a number of heads of independent bodies, security agencies and the Elections Commission, to activate the mechanisms of supporting the Electoral Commission and the electoral process.

“The central task of our government is to hold early elections, as it is an exceptional government by all standards, as it is the product of a popular movement on the one hand and a demand for reference and political forces seeking change on the other hand,” Al-Kazemi said during the meeting.

“The successive governments since 2003 have made the transitional period a sustainable period, and this is one of the biggest reasons that have made the mechanisms sterile,” he added.

He added, “We are now at a crossroads, after three basic goals have been achieved in this transitional period that we are leading now, the first of which is an independent prime minister who does not belong to any of the political blocs, an independent election commission, and a fair election law in which the one who gets the highest votes wins.”

Al-Kazemi said, “We have an opportunity to succeed in restoring the people’s confidence in the state, the political system and democratic mechanisms, by holding fair and fair elections that would achieve stability in the country.”

And between “the authority I have is not self-satisfaction, but it is the burden of carrying out and holding early elections, and then we will have accomplished the historic mission entrusted to us, and we are striving to complete this mission.”

He also asserted, “We will not allow uncontrolled weapons to move and threaten the citizen’s freedom, security and confidence in the electoral process. We took this trust and honored us, and a date was set for the elections and the election finance law was sent, and before that we visited the commission and asked it to determine its needs for the purpose of voting on it in the Council of Ministers, and our meeting today is nothing but evidence. For our seriousness to accomplish this historic mission. ”

He added, “We need the political forces and parliament to resolve the issue of the Federal Court, in order to complete the requirements of the entire electoral process.”


Parliamentary Finance announces, via IQ, the date of the start of delivering Kurdistan’s revenues to Baghdad

Today, 13:15



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Baghdad – IQ  

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, Monday, (December 28, 2020), the date of the start of the delivery of Kurdistan revenues to Baghdad, while indicating that the region agrees to its share in the budget.

Committee member Jamal Cougar told IQ NEWS , “The region’s share according to the 2021 budget is referred to in Articles 10 and 11, and it is confirmed in these two articles that the region’s share is estimated according to the population of the region’s governorates,” indicating that “the percentage is set at 12.67% and is calculated after excluding Sovereign expenditures. ”

He added that “Article 11 in the budget refers to a set of points, one of which is the issue of loans between the region and Baghdad, as final accounts were not conducted between the region and Baghdad, and each party accuses the other of having loans on the other side.”

He continued, “The budget clarified what the region should deliver to Baghdad and is fixed at 250 thousand barrels and another paragraph that talks about the wages of transporting oil through the region’s pipeline, and also talks about 350 thousand barrels transferred through this pipeline that the federal government will bear.” The commitment of one of the parties, we must return to Article 27 of the Financial Administration Law, which settles the dispute. ”

He stressed that “what is included in the budget is what has been negotiated between the two governments, and we are looking for consensus to pass it,” noting that “the region agrees to that and the approval of the other party remains so that the application is easy.”

“The region will start handing over its revenues to the federal government, according to the law, after the first day of agreement and voting on the budget,” Cougar stated, explaining that “it delivers in the form of revenues of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day and border crossings at the end of each month.”

It is noteworthy that a Kurdish delegation headed by the Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, held discussions with the federal government regarding the share of the Kurdistan region in the financial budget during the past days. Talabani announced on (December 22, 2020) that the federal government had reached an agreement in Baghdad regarding the share Territory in the fiscal budget for 2021.


Al-Rafidain directs its branches to adopt the official dollar exchange rate

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Al-Rafidain Bank has directed all its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to adopt the new exchange rate of 1460 dollars.

The media office of the bank said in a statement that the Euphrates News received a copy of it that “based on the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq, it was decided to adopt the exchange rate of the dollar 1460 instead of the old price.”

The statement called on “all branches of the bank to adhere to the general directives regarding the dollar currency.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank decided on 19 December to amend the dollar exchange rate, as follows: 

1450 dinars per dollar, the price of buying foreign currency from the Ministry of Finance.

1460 dinars per dollar the selling price of foreign currency to banks.

1470 dinars per dollar is the selling price of foreign currency to the public.

The federal government attributes the decision to raise the exchange rate of the dollar to 1,450 dinars, after it was 1,190 dinars to fill the financial deficit that the state suffers from, which aroused the discontent of citizens as a result of the high prices in the local markets in general.

Hussein Hatem


For the second day in a row, the Central Bank’s sales are down 50% in today’s auction


Dollar price rise

Currency sale auction

The Central Bank of Iraq

2020-12-28 05:33

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Shafaq News / On Monday, the Central Bank’s sales decreased by 50%, which is the second consecutive decline this week since the exchange rate of the dinar changed.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent stated; That the Central Bank of Iraq witnessed during its auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies today, a decrease in its sales by 50% to reach 34 million, 163 thousand and 878 dollars, which the bank covered at a basic exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar, compared to yesterday, Sunday, where sales reached 68 million and 605 thousand Dollars.

He added that the request was distributed by 33 million, 63 thousand and 878 dollars to enhance the funds abroad in the form of transfers and appropriations, while the rest, amounting to one million and 100 thousand dollars, was distributed in the form of cash sale that was fully covered by the bank at an exchange rate of 1460 dinars per one dollar.

Our correspondent indicated that the 15 banks and 9 brokerage firms in the currency auction did not make any offers to sell the dollar.


A parliamentary government meeting in Kurdistan to discuss negotiations with Baghdad

Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Parliament

Qubad Talabani

Government negotiating delegation

2020-12-28 05:31

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Shafaq News / The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament hosted, on Monday, a meeting with the government delegation negotiating with Baghdad.

The meeting was attended by heads of parliamentary blocs and heads of committees in Kurdistan Parliament, and the government delegation, Qubad Talabani, and members of the delegation.

The meeting will discuss the results of the recent negotiations with Baghdad regarding the region’s budget, and the issue of salary disbursement.