Joint Operations: We have orders that security forces be on standby

On Saturday, the Joint Operations Command revealed orders for the security forces to be ready in the coming days. “We have orders that the security forces be on standby in the coming days,” said the spokesman for the leadership, Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji. He added, “Protecting the security of diplomatic missions is one of our top priorities.”


The Mayor of the Capital launches a major development campaign in ‘Downtown’ Baghdad: Work begins within days

2020.12.26 – 19:54

Baghdad – People  

The Mayor of Baghdad, Architect Alaa Maan, announced the imminent launch of  a “broad” campaign to develop Baghdad’s commercial, cultural and historical center, under the supervision of the Prime Minister and the support of the President of the Republic.  

A statement by the secretariat, which “people” received a copy of (December 26, 2020), stated that “the coming weeks will witness the initiation of a major development campaign for the capital’s center from Tahrir Square to the Al-Bab Al-Mostam area in cooperation with the owners of commercial, heritage and cultural shops.”  

Maan added, “The opinion committee decided to unify the activities of every commercial market and heritage street in the region and not grant any approval or permission in violation of the activities of each market while organizing these markets, preserving their heritage identity, carrying out restoration, maintenance and rehabilitation operations, removing their excesses on the sidewalks and preventing extraneous activities on them as it will become a street.” Al-Mutanabi is a market for selling books and publishing houses, and the Serail market for stationery, the goldsmiths market for jewelry, gold and saffron for exhibits, copper artifacts, and pumice for the sale of Abay and Shorja for perfumery, spices and spinning for the sale and display of animals.  

“The development process will start from Al-Mutanabbi Street, as it is one of the most important cultural centers, by unifying the facades and billboards for shops and roofing the street, with vendors equipped with carts to display books with unified and distinctive designs, with the support of a number of donors and coordination with the security authorities by not allowing wheels and bicycles to enter except for emergency wheels,” he added.  

He explained that “the Municipality of Baghdad will launch a campaign in early 2021 to eliminate sidewalks in cooperation with shop owners to reduce this phenomenon that distorted the urban landscape of the city, as well as preparing a study to prepare alternative sites for street vendors,” noting that “this procedure will be followed by a major campaign to clean up areas The capital, in cooperation with citizens, holds awareness-raising activities with the participation of community organizations, community police and youth volunteer teams to spread a culture through which citizens contribute to maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of their areas. The campaign will also witness the removal of all waste collection sites from city squares and neighborhoods.  

The Mayor of Baghdad stressed that “all municipal departments shall not tolerate construction violations, as they inflict heavy damage on the infrastructure, and impose strict penalties against departments that allow these violations to continue.”  

He added that “another campaign will be launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities to cover most of the capital’s streets, relying on solid international companies.”   

He explained that “an integrated study has been prepared to initiate development of the infrastructure of the city of Baghdad and the advancement of its service status through important strategic projects that will be submitted with recommendations to the Council of Ministers for approval.”  

He stressed that “the coming days will witness the approval of the comprehensive development plan for the city of Baghdad, and in turn, it will determine the use of land and the important projects for the capital.”

Parliamentary Finance announces the arrival of the budget bill to the House of Representatives



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News


The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced today, Saturday, the arrival of the budget bill to the House of Representatives.

A member of the committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, said in a radio interview, “The budget bill has reached the inclusion of the House of Representatives, and according to the bylaws, it is read first, and then it is studied by the Finance Committee and a second reading is read.”

He added, “After the second reading, the remarks of MPs and political blocs are taken,” indicating that “the Finance Committee needs from 20 days to 30 days to approve the budget.”

KRG Delegation to Visit Parliament, Discuss Ongoing Talks with Baghdad

26 Dec 2020 | 06:47

The negotiating team of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will visit Kurdistan Parliament on Monday to discuss the ongoing dialogue with Baghdad over oil and budgetary disputes.

MP Himdad Sabah told Kurdistan 24 that the KRG negotiating team will brief parliament presidency and head of different parliamentary committees on the latest developments with regard to the negotiations.

The KRG has already expressed commitment to Iraq’s unilaterally passed law of fiscal deficit, and there has been an agreement between the Kurdistan regional government and the federal government of Iraq over the budget bill which is expected to be discussed at the Iraqi parliament in the near future.

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Parliament prepares for the arrival of the 2021 budget law tomorrow, Sunday

Economie- 12-26-2020 12:37 PM – Readings: 17993

Member of Parliament Alia Nassif suggested that the 2021 budget bill will arrive in Parliament tomorrow, Sunday.

Nassif explained that the size of the budget prepared by the government in the amount of 103 trillion dinars is exaggerated and indicates an incorrect construction, demanding that “the sums allocated for the Sunni and Shiite endowments be transferred to the industrial and agricultural sectors.

The House of Representatives needs between 20 to 30 days to pass the draft budget law in light of The presence of an approach to question the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, and the Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb.

Parliamentary Finance: We have not formally received the budget law

Majida Al-Tamimi

money and business

Economy News – Baghdad

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed, today, Friday, that it did not officially receive the draft general budget bill for next year, while indicating the existence of a new mechanism for the ration card file .

A member of the committee, Majida Al-Tamimi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), and “Al-Iktissad News” obeyed it, that “the Finance Committee has not yet formally received the draft budget for next year,” pointing out that “the Central Bank is responsible for the exchange rate, and it is not valid.” The Financial Commission interfered with it . ”

She added that “the financial committee seeks to reduce the effects of changing the exchange rate on the vulnerable classes of people with limited incomes,” confirming “the efforts of its committee to increase social care allocations and the ration card items .”

She pointed out that “there is a new mechanism presented regarding the file of the ration card far from the current approved mechanism,” indicating that “the new mechanism will protect the local product.”

Al-Nujaifi: Qaani’s recent visit to Baghdad gave the green light to attack the escaped militias









2020-12-26 07:12

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Shafaq News / Athel al-Nujaifi, a leader in the Iraqi front, led by his brother, Osama al-Nujaifi, said on Saturday that the recent visit by the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Ismail Qaani, gave the Iraqi government the green light to strike “unruly militias” that do not obey Tehran’s orders.

Al-Nujaifi said in a written statement published on social media platforms today, that “Qaani’s recent visit to Baghdad gave the green light to strike the unruly militias that are not committed to Iran’s interest in avoiding armed conflict with the United States,” considering that “this is an opportunity that will not be repeated before the Iraqi state.”

An informed source said on Wednesday that the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ismail Qaani, had made a “quick” visit during the past hours to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in which he confirmed to the Iraqi government that his country was not connected to the recent attack on the US embassy.

At the end of last November, Qaani visited the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, with the return of missile attacks that targeted the Green Zone, which includes government buildings and the diplomatic missions of countries.

This is the third visit by Qaani to Baghdad since he assumed the position of commander of the Iranian Quds Force to succeed the prominent general, Qassem Soleimani, who was assassinated in a US air strike near Baghdad International Airport early this year.

Press reports said that on his first visit, which took place last August, Qaani met Al-Kazemi, in addition to a meeting with political figures close to Tehran.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said that he would “hold Iran responsible” in the event of an attack targeting Americans in Iraq, as the first anniversary of the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani approaches in a US drone strike near Baghdad airport.

The commander of the US Central Command in the Middle East, General Frank MacKenzie, considered the barrage of rockets that were fired at the US embassy in Baghdad on Sunday, was the largest attack on the capital’s Green Zone since 2010, with 21 missiles.

In a statement on Thursday, the leadership confirmed that there were no American casualties or injuries in the attack, which caused damage to the buildings, noting that “it was clear that it was not aimed at avoiding injuries.”

The leadership said that the groups that targeted the embassy are “supported by Iran, which provides them with material support and guidance,” and added that they are “outside the law because they are in fact acting on behalf of Iranian interests and trends,” which “constitutes a direct betrayal of Iraqi sovereignty.”

The US Central Command called on the Iraqi people to realize that the attacks launched by rogue militias backed by Iran in the past “have killed more civilians, personnel and Iraqi security forces than the Americans.”

The leadership emphasized holding Iran responsible for the killing of any American as a result of the actions of “these lawless militias supported by Iran.”

Employees complain: owners of K-Card outlets in Mosul distribute salaries in dollars at the new exchange rate


Dollar price rise

Staff salaries

Key Card

central bank

2020-12-26 07:06

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Shafaq News / Employees complained about the exploitation of dozens of exchange offices and K-Card outlets in Mosul, the high exchange rate of the dollar crisis and the confusion in the exchange rate, and they began distributing salaries in dollars and not the Iraqi dinar.

Ahmed Nabil told Shafaq News; He is an employee who went to collect his salary that he was surprised after the receipt from the payment machine that the owner of the outlet told him that we only have US dollars and not a dinar.

Nabil added that he was forced to receive his salary in dollars and when he went to exchange it in Iraqi dinars

You are surprised that the exchange rate in the market is lower than the price that the outlet owner calculated

Thus, the outlet owner succeeded in obtaining two commissions from the exchange, the first is the entitlement and the second is the exchange rate difference, indicating that if the exchange rate in the market is 1400, the outlet owner delivers the salary to the owner with a difference of 2 or 3 thousand dinars and in this way, manipulation.

Ahmed was not the only one, but dozens of employees were subjected to this situation

It is not possible for the owners of exchange offices who took advantage of this, because on Fridays and Saturdays there are no banks and they do not have Iraqi cash.

As for Muhammad al-Hamdani, a worker at an officially registered outlet, he said that he did not hand over a single salary in US dollars and said that the excuse is correct, but the majority exploited it in order to benefit at the expense of the employee, the retired, and everyone who has a salary.

Two days after the continuation of this situation, security sources informed the Shafaq News correspondent, today the National Security detachments began to follow the (Key Card) outlets and hold accountable those who force employees to receive their salaries in US dollars instead of dinars.

On Saturday (19 December 2020), the Central Bank of Iraq officially announced the adjustment of the foreign currency exchange rate (the US dollar) to 145 thousand dinars for every 100 dollars.

Stability of dollar exchange rates in Baghdad





2020-12-26 07:04

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Shafaq News / The exchange rates of the dollar stabilized in Baghdad markets, today, Saturday, December 26, 2020

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the Al-Kifah Central Stock Exchange in Baghdad registered 142,100 Iraqi dinars against 100 US dollars today, and Al-Harithiya Stock Exchange in Baghdad recorded 142,100 dinars against 100 dollars.

Last Thursday, the Central Kifah Stock Exchange recorded 142,000 Iraqi dinars against 100 US dollars.

Our correspondent indicated that the buying and selling prices also stabilized in the exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 143,000 Iraqi dinars, while the purchase prices reached 141,000 dinars per 100 US dollars.اقتصـاد/ستقرار-اسعار-صرف-الدولار-في-بغداد-4