Spending 507 billion dinars from the dues of farmers and farmers



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

 The Ministry of Trade announced, on Wednesday, that 507 billion dinars have been disbursed from farmers and farmers

Trade Minister Alaa Ahmad al-Jubouri stated, “The launch of the exchange of 507 billion Iraqi dinars as a new batch of farmers and marketers for wheat and rice for the current season of the year 2020.” 

The ministry said in a statement, quoting the Minister of Trade, that “the exchange will take place in the current and next week after transferring the exchange notices to the specified banks authorized to disburse farmers’ dues.” 

She added that “the exchange mechanism will be by adopting the quantity and the precedence of marketing,” stressing that “the Minister of Trade, Dr. Alaa Al-Jubouri, had previously confirmed the ministry’s readiness to meet the needs of farmers and farmers and to seriously contribute to granting them their financial entitlements through the rapid procedures of the ministry’s departments and companies, to complete the distribution of receivables As well as his reference to “the importance of completing the delivery of farmers ‘dues in light of the money received by the Ministry of Trade, which constitutes a starting point for dealing with farmers’ dues,” since “the Iraqi farmer has great value and deserves to make every effort to give him his financial dues for the wheat crops that he delivered in the marketing season.” “.


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