Arab and Islamic countries are moving towards normalizing relations with Israel

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2020-12-11 06:39

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Shafaq News / The Israeli newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, revealed the names of Arab and Islamic countries that are likely to start normalizing relations with Tel Aviv, after Morocco announced the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Israeli newspaper reported yesterday evening, Thursday, that Israeli estimates indicate that there are Arab and Islamic countries on their way to sign an agreement with Tel Aviv, before the end of the term of the current US President, Donald Trump, on the twentieth of next January.

Among the Arab countries that are candidates to sign a peace agreement with Israel are the Sultanate of Oman and Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim country in terms of population, as well as the possibility of other African countries that the newspaper did not name.

This comes after the Moroccan monarch announced, yesterday, Thursday, the resumption of official bilateral contacts and diplomatic relations with Israel, shortly after the announcement by the outgoing US President Donald Trump on Twitter in which he confirmed that “Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations between them.”

This makes Morocco the fourth Arab country to set aside hostility to Israel during the past four months.

And Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen had revealed, earlier, that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Morocco are among the countries that are scheduled to establish relations with his country within the framework of a regional rapprochement initiated by US President Donald Trump.


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