Kurdistan Regional Government decides to send a delegation to Baghdad

Kurdistan Region



Kurdistan Regional Government


2020-12-02 06:57

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Shafaq News / On Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to send a delegation to Baghdad to negotiate with the federal government about the region’s financial dues and employees ’salaries.

This came during the weekly cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani.

Barzani said, at the beginning of the session, that “there is no party that cares about the lives and livelihood of the citizens as much as the regional government, which has done everything in its power to secure the salaries of the Kurdistan Region.”

He emphasized: “The region’s financial dues are legitimate rights for the people of Kurdistan, and we will never give them up, and we will continue our talks with the federal government in order to guarantee our constitutional rights.”

The Prime Minister stated, “We were in constant contact with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the Iraqi Council of Ministers, and we received a promise from them to solve the salary issue within the next few days.”

Barzani continued by saying, “But if the region’s salaries do not arrive from Baghdad on time and for whatever reason, the KRG will fill the deficit by borrowing until the salaries allocated from Baghdad arrive, and then the borrowing amount will be repaid from the sums sent from Baghdad.”

After discussion and discussion, the Prime Minister directed, on behalf of the Council of Ministers, to start disbursing the salaries of October, starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 3, with a funding rate of 79 percent.

The cabinet also decided to send a government delegation to Baghdad as soon as possible, with the aim of “defending the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region,” according to a statement issued by the regional government received by Shafaq News.

In the second paragraph of the meeting, Barzani’s deputy presented a draft review and organization of the fees paid in return for the services provided, and called for the expediting of sending data on the expenditures and revenues of all ministries to the Supreme Committee in order to reorganize them.

In the last paragraph of the meeting, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kwestan Muhammad presented a project on special needs and disability allowances, and the Council of Ministers voted on it unanimously.


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