Britain is optimistic: The problems between Erbil and Baghdad can be addressed





2020-12-02 04:19

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Shafaq News / The British Minister of Middle East and North Africa Affairs, James Cleverley, on Tuesday urged the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government to resolve the differences and outstanding issues between them, especially with regard to the salary file and the public financial budget.

Claverley said in a press conference today in Erbil, attended by Shafaq News Agency, that: The British government is a long-standing friend of the Kurdish people and also an old friend of the Iraqi government and a great supporter of the regional government, and at the same time we support the Iraqi government, adding that it is painful to see that there are differences between Erbil and Baghdad, but it is possible. Addressing these problems and talking to both parties, we hope to reach positive results soon.

He also added, “I am very happy that the relations between the region and Britain are very good. We are old friends of the Kurdish people. We have ample information about the Kurdish people. Yes, they were able to eliminate ISIS. This prompts us to work closely with the regional government and also towards developing relations in the economic, commercial and even tourism fields as well. With the territory. ”

“I do not know the number of British companies operating in the region, but I think there are many areas in which British companies can work in the region,” the minister added.

For his part, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, said today, Tuesday, the need requires a political will in Iraq to address the differences and pending issues between Erbil and Baghdad, and to adopt the federal system as stated in the constitution, as the basis for a solution.

This came during his meeting with James Cleverley, British Minister of Middle East and North Africa Affairs, and James Heppy, British Minister of State for Armed Forces Affairs.

The regional presidency said in a statement that the two sides discussed the Kurdistan Region and Iraq’s relations with Britain, the latest developments in the Iraqi political and security situation, the problems of Erbil – Baghdad and the continuing threat and threats of ISIS, and the two sides agreed that the assistance and support of the international coalition for Iraq and the Kurdistan Region is still necessary.

Barzani promised to visit the two British ministers to the Kurdistan Region in these circumstances during which the world is going through difficult times as a result of the outbreak of Corona virus, appreciated and a positive message, confirming the will and desire of the Kurdistan Region to strengthen its relations with Britain in all fields.


The two ministers announced that Britain will continue to assist and support the Kurdistan Region in facing terrorism until the final elimination of terrorism and the threat of ISIS, and it will also continue to help Erbil and Baghdad solve their problems.

The upcoming Iraqi elections, the developments in the region in general, the conditions of the displaced and refugees in the Kurdistan Region, the relations of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq with neighboring countries and other issues of concern to both sides occupied another axis of the meeting, according to the statement.

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