Kurdistan government gives good news about paying salaries “soon”

Kurdistan Region



Staff salaries

2020-11-30 09:22

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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Monday that the salaries of employees will be distributed soon, noting that political auctions are behind the delay in sending Baghdad of 320 billion dinars to the region.

Regional government spokesman Jutiar Adel said in a televised statement followed by Shafaq News, that Baghdad had to send an amount of 320 billion dinars to the region to distribute salaries according to the agreement concluded between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region.

He added, “Because of the political auctions, the money has not been sent yet.”

Adel pointed out that “Erbil is waiting to send the amount from Baghdad,” adding that “if it is not sent, Erbil will soon start distributing the salaries of employees and retirees according to another mechanism and through internal imports.”

He pointed out that according to the agreement between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, the latter was scheduled to send a monthly amount of 320 billion dinars for the last three months of the current year 2020 until the beginning of next year 2021, but the amount has not been sent yet.



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