German Siemens reveals the reasons for not implementing the agreed “road map” strategy in Iraq

1,454 Sweeteners 11/30/2020 09:23 ha

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The German company Siemens confirmed, Monday (November 30, 2020), to proceed with the “road map” strategy that it agreed to implement in Iraq with previous governments, while expressing its hope to consolidate cooperation with Iraq and work to meet the country’s need for electricity during the coming period.

The company’s executive director, Musab Al-Khatib, said in a press statement, “The company has previously submitted an integrated strategy to provide electric power to Iraq in the name of (the Road Map), which included achieving self-sufficiency within four years. However, there are challenges to meet the requirements of the electricity sector, including the lack of The provision of adequate quantities of fuel affected the continuation of this plan. ”

He pointed out that “you can benefit from the associated gas to feed the power stations, and from its derivatives to support the general budget through these precious extracted materials.”

The executive director of the German company said, “The fluctuation of global oil prices and the economic decline that resulted from the Corona pandemic have affected the pace of implementation of development projects in Iraq, and these challenges are not only faced by Iraq; but are part of the challenges that the world faces.”

He continued, “We are making progress in implementing our projects, and we are optimistic about the economic policies and reform programs announced by the government, and its desire to move forward in implementing the state’s infrastructure projects, in a way that supports levels of economic performance.”

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