A preliminary date to distribute the salaries of Kurdistan’s employees and a deputy confirms: Negotiations with Baghdad did not take place

560 Policy 2020/11/30 12:00 am

Baghdad today – Kurdistan

A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, MP for the National Union, Sherwan Mirza, confirmed today, Monday (November 30, 2020) that there is no indication so far that Baghdad will send 320 billion dinars to the Kurdistan region.

Mirza said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The federal government, after the parliament voted on the deficit financing law, was waiting for the regional government to send a delegation to Baghdad, for the purpose of discussion and negotiation, but that did not happen.”

He added, “The available indicators indicate that there is no sending of the sums during the current week, unless new negotiations take place between the two governments.”

In turn, a government source revealed, “If the federal government sends an amount of 320 billion as expected next week, it will distribute salaries immediately and at a deduction rate of 18%.”

The source added in his speech to (Baghdad Today): “In the event that the sums are not sent by Baghdad, the regional government will depend on its available financial revenues, and salaries will be distributed according to a deduction system of 40%.”

The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Jotiar Adel, had stated that his government would distribute the salaries of its employees in the coming days, whether Baghdad sent the money or not.



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