America and Kuwait support an Iraqi government “free from malign influence.”





2020-11-28 03:32

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Shafaq News / In a joint statement, the United States and Kuwait called for the need for “unity” and for resolving the dispute between the Gulf states.

The fourth US-Kuwaiti strategic dialogue statement touched on Kuwait’s efforts to preserve the stability of Iraq, pointing to its emphasis on the importance of “the existence of a stable Iraqi government free of malign influence.”

“This is a clear goal for both Kuwait and the United States, and we support the ongoing meetings of the Higher Ministerial Committee between Kuwait and Baghdad, and return the remains of the victims of the Gulf War, stressing the sovereignty of Iraq and territorial integrity,” he added.

The United States opened the fourth strategic dialogue with Kuwait, and launched a series of bilateral working groups.

Over the course of two weeks, issues related to “politics, human rights, development, education, scientific cooperation, security, consular protection, customs, border protection, trade, investment and defense” were discussed.

The dialogues ended with a meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Kuwaiti counterpart, Ahmed Nasser Al-Muhammad, in Washington on the 24th of this month.

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