next year, iraq joins the world trade organization

Author: Ahad8 On 11/27/2020 – 11:33 PM 8

On Friday, the Ministry of Trade announced the preparation of a plan to join the World Trade Organization, stressing that accession will contribute to increasing national production and providing job opportunities.

The ministry said, according to the official agency, that it “has prepared a plan to join the World Trade Organization, which is represented in the restructuring of the National Committee on accession, as well as the sub-committees emanating from it, to complete the accession files, as well as expedite the enactment of laws, and prepare draft laws related to the organization’s agreements, such as the law National product protection, consumer protection law, competition law and monopoly prevention, customs tariff law and other laws.

She added that “joining the organization has positive repercussions in the long run, as Iraq may not directly reap its fruits, but there will be a strong, integrated Iraqi economy capable of competing with the economies of the member states of the organization in general, and the economies of neighboring countries in particular, as joining Iraq will be allowed. To enter into fair competition for goods and services with other member states.

She emphasized that “this measure will contribute to increasing national production and providing job opportunities for the unemployed, and thus there will be a noticeable increase in per capita income and total output,” noting that “the ministry coordinates with all ministries and private sector entities to complete the joining files, represented by the completion of the implementation plan.” Legislative, which includes Iraqi laws and draft laws that affect, directly and indirectly, economic activities. A preliminary draft of this plan has been completed.

The ministry added, “The accession requires the completion of the first presentation file for commodities and the related sub-files, which have been completed based on the customs tariff law. The CHECKLISTS lists have been updated for each of the health, phytosanitary and technical barriers to trade.”

She explained that “the other important file is the trade in services file, as the committees completed the initial draft of financial and banking services, health, education, environment, reconstruction, communications, and distribution commitments,” indicating that “work is underway to complete the draft for the rest of the sectors, in addition to completing a file. Private intellectual property with the rest of the relevant ministries.

She pointed out that “joining the organization at the present time represents one of the most important means of carrying out the economic reforms that must be completed by Iraq at all levels, in order to be relied upon in completing the relevant technical files,” noting that “work is now underway by the organization section. Global Trade to complete the update of the memorandum of the foreign trade system of Iraq, after completing the answers related to the member states, about this memorandum, as nearly 300 questions were completed, and it was translated with the update of many of the memo’s details, to be sent as one package, along with the legislative implementation plan to the organization’s secretariat officially”.

The ministry indicated that “the initiative by the World Trade Organization Department in the Ministry of Trade was carried out in cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi Department of Facts, to translate approximately 21 important laws, to be attached to the plan upon sending it to the organization,” stressing that “work is underway with all Iraqi ministries on Amending the commercial laws, and the technical committee was formed headed by the legal department and the membership of all ministries, and the first meeting of this committee was held. Technical notes on these laws will be prepared to be discussed in the next meeting.

And she warned that “negotiations and agreement were made with some international organizations, such as the World Bank and the International Trade Center in Geneva, to provide technical assistance to Iraq, as these programs focused on assisting in carrying out economic reforms, on some sectors, especially agriculture, industry, customs and issues of developing trade policies for Iraq. The plan was developed in cooperation with the Department of the World Trade Organization regarding the implementation of these programs, ”affirming that“ all programs will be implemented early next year. ”Ended 29 / A43


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