New statement from the Finance Committee on the economic ‘reform plan’

2020.11.25 – 14:29

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Baghdad – People  

A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Ahmed Mazhar al-Jubouri, confirmed, on Wednesday, that it is not possible to guarantee the success of any government plan for reform without political and popular support.  

Al-Jubouri said, in a statement, received by “People” (25 November 2020), that “everyone is calling on the government to act immediately on financial and economic reforms.”  

Al-Jubouri added, “We must deal positively with the mutual remarks about the financial and economic reform plans, and not to blame the failure and failure on one side only.”  

He pointed out that “what the country possesses in terms of large resources requires positive and fruitful cooperation from all, legislative and executive, to make great use of them, and not to rely on one party to bring money without assistance.”  

He stressed, “the necessity of positive engagement with any legislative and governmental plans and reforms on both sides and not expressing negative opinions and positions towards any reform step whose results are awaiting the people to overcome their ordeal.”

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