The most prominent of what was stated in Blashardt’s speech before the Security Council about developments in Iraq

2020.11.24 – 18:32

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Baghdad – People  

Jenin Hennes Plasschaert, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the levels of violence in Iraq have significantly decreased, which is encouraging, while she indicated that relations between Baghdad and Erbil are the key to the stability of the country.  

In a briefing she gave, during the United Nations Security Council session, and followed by “People” (November 24, 2020), Blashart said: “The dramatic decrease in levels of violence in Iraq is encouraging.” The elections are free and without any pressure. ”  

She added, “With regard to relations between Baghdad and Erbil, we will all agree on the existence of a positive and constructive relationship between federalism in Iraq, which is the key to the stability of the whole country.”  

She indicated that “the centrality of Iraq in building regional stability is real, and it should be repeated, and it must be protected from competition from foreign powers, and Iraqis must be given a space to focus on their strength at home,” stressing that “the Iraqi leadership continues to assert its independence and sovereignty, and seeks to Maintaining all communication channels open because it adopts a foreign policy that serves the Iraqi national interest. ”  

Plasschaert welcomed the “decrease in attacks on diplomatic missions.”  

“While we fully understand that the Iraqi authorities are working under tremendous time pressure, it must be clear that closing the camps should not lead to another crisis, for example in the form of secondary displacement, which is already happening in Iraq.”

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