Washington sends B-52 bomber to the Middle East “on a long mission”

Time: 11/22/2020 00:20:05 Read: 2,184 times

{International: Al Furat News} The US Central Command announced, on Saturday evening, that it had sent a B52 bomber to the Middle East, indicating that it would be on a long mission.

And the US Central Command stated in its statement, that it is not seeking any conflict, but it is committed to responding to any emergency in the world. According to news sites and

according to the website “Boeing”, the giant company that manufactured the B52, these bombers were designed for the first time in 1948, to be a carrier of nuclear weapons, but their tasks will develop at a later time to become a long-range strategic bomber, adding: “Despite their long history, but You are still a major contributor to the American forces, and the forces allied with them. ”

He continued: “The B52 is the most powerful and capable bomber in the United States’ inventory … and is distinguished by its ability to withstand difficult tasks, large payload and long range, in addition to its reliance on nuclear and conventional weapons.”

Regarding its design, the distance between its wings is 56 meters, and its length is equivalent to 49 meters.

This aircraft is based on 8 helicopter engines distributed evenly on the wings, capable of flying at a speed of Mach 0.86 (equivalent to 960 km per hour), and at an altitude of 17 thousand meters.

The B52 also has the ability to carry and drop about 31,500 kilograms of various ammunition (bombs, smart weapons, mines and missiles).

This aircraft can transport nuclear missiles and conventional munitions, and it can carry out strategic attacks and provide air support, in addition to carrying out offensive air and sea counterattacks.

The B52 was present in the most important and prominent US wars, including the wars in Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan. It was also used during the air campaign against the terrorist terrorist, and observers expect it to continue in service until 2044.

Wafa Al-Fatlawi


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