Rasheed Bank decides to suspend the MasterCard advance

11/16/2020 21:10

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Section : Iraq

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Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Al-Rasheed Bank announced, Monday, November 16, 2020, that it will stop promoting the predecessor of the Master Card Nakheel.

The bank’s media office said in a statement that it had been decided to stop the promotion of the predecessor of the Master Card Nakheel, indicating that the suspension decision came for the purposes of application between the donor branches and the cards section and electronic channels.

He added that the bank will resume promoting transactions at the beginning of the first month of 2021.

It is noteworthy that the Rasheed Bank, during the last period, began granting various advances and loans to employees and citizens according to certain conditions and controls.

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Iraqi President Barham Salih (C) speaks during a meeting to discuss early elections in Iraq that is scheduled on June 6 2020, with the attendance of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi (L), Council of Representatives’’ Speaker Muhammad al-Halbusi (R), and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (not pictured) along the head and members from the federal Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Baghdad, Iraq on November 16, 2020. (Photo Credit: Iraqi Presidency)

SULAIMANI —The three Iraqi presidencies on Monday (November 16) emphasized the importance of increasing biometric voter registration rate and developing mechanisms that help in the registration process for adopting biometric card in the upcoming early election that is scheduled on June 6 in the coming year.

In a large-scale meeting aimed to provide a safe and stable ambiance for proceeding the early elections in the country, Iraqi President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and the head and members from the federal Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) met, according to Salih’s office.

The attendees discussed “appropriate measures in accordance with the law to ensure that the displaced and Iraqis living abroad vote biometrically,” read the statement.

“The meeting dealt with the important joints in the electoral process in order to provide a safe and stable environment for conducting the elections and to check on the safety of the procedures applied by the Commission and the relevant competent authorities to implement the electoral process and address the challenges that all face.”

They also stressed the signing of agreements with international companies to check and monitor the impending election in consultation with United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).

Holding an early election Iraq was one of the essential demands by the protesters that rocked the country last October, who accuse the current ruling elite of endemic corruption, colossal unemployment and decline in human rights in the country.

The first wave of protests began last year on October 1 and lasted for approximately a week before resuming on October 25. The demonstrations were widespread throughout the central and southern governorates.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has documented that 487 protesters were killed since October 1, 2019, mostly by the security forces or unidentified third groups. Thousands of others were wounded.

In response to the demonstrations, then-Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi stepped down in November, while his replacement Kadhimi announced an early parliamentary election.

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What are the files on the discussion table of the Secretary of State and the US ambassador?

2020/11/16 18:41

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Section : Iraq

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Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein discussed, Monday, November 16, 2020, with the US Ambassador to Baghdad Matthew Toller, bilateral relations and how to deal with the outcomes of the strategic dialogue between the two countries.  

The ministry stated in a statement that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein met with the American ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Matthew Tueller, and the two sides discussed bilateral relations and how to deal with the outcomes of the strategic dialogue between the two countries, and practical ways to implement them.  

The statement added that the meeting discussed mechanisms for providing support to Iraq in various fields.  

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Al Rasheed Bank starts raising employees’ salaries


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Rasheed Bank began today, Sunday, to raise the salaries of government departments, whose financing reached the bank.

In a statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, the bank’s media office called on all employees to review its branches and electronic payment outlets as soon as text messages arrive informing them of the salary increase.


Soon .. a delegation from the Kurdistan government in Baghdad to secure the salaries of the region’s employees

Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan salaries

Kurdistan Region delegation

2020-11-16 07:47

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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Regional Government announced, on Monday, that it had sent a government delegation to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to discuss securing the salaries of the region’s employees, but it did not specify the date of the visit.

Government spokesman Jotiar Adel said, in statements to a number of media outlets, including Shafaq News Agency, that “the Kurdistan government will announce the date of the visit and the members of the delegation soon.”

In another context, Adel indicated that “representatives of the regional government will participate in the next Kurdistan Regional Parliament meeting, which was scheduled to be held tomorrow, Tuesday, and was postponed until further notice.”

He added that “the regional government will prepare all the necessary documents to prepare a comprehensive report on the financial situation and the agreement concluded with the federal government to be presented to Parliament.”

Adel explained that “if Baghdad sends 320 billion dinars to the Kurdistan Region, then the Ministry of Finance will announce the salary distribution schedule .”

The spokesman for the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi Ahmed Mulla Talal, indicated in his statements yesterday, Sunday, that the government does not accept harm to the employees of the region due to political differences, in reference to the Iraqi parliament’s vote on the fiscal deficit law in isolation from Kurdish representatives.

Mulla Talal said, Al-Iraqiya TV, that “the paragraph for the salaries of the region’s employees did not pass the borrowing law, explaining the agreement between the government and the region to pay 320 billion to the region.”

He added that these sums are calculated according to the 2019 budget, and that the current government deducts 250,000 barrels and federal imports from the region’s share.

The law of financing the financial deficit, the salaries of the region’s employees, was not included, although Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement last August to send Baghdad 320 billion dinars to Erbil per month to cover part of the region’s employees’s expenses until a final agreement is reached on the differences between the two sides.


Al-Kazemi orders the army to close the unofficial border crossings




Border crossings

2020-11-16 06:42

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Shafaq News / On Monday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi ordered the Joint Operations Command in the army to close unofficial border crossings to put an end to smuggling operations.

This order was issued during a meeting of the Council of Entities not affiliated with a Ministry and the independent bodies, according to a statement issued by the Chairman of the Border Ports Authority, Omar Adnan Al-Waeli.

Al-Waeli said that Al-Kazemi praised the role and performance of the Border Ports Authority and the measures taken by them to control provisions and maximize government revenues.

He added that the Prime Minister agreed to enhance the human resources of the authority by transferring the employees from the intelligence service to the authority’s owners, and to emphasize that all members of the authority’s board are bound by the decisions issued by its meetings, which include representatives of ministries, agencies and governorates concerned with border crossings.

Al-Waeli pointed out that Al-Kazemi stressed the importance of developing border crossings and encouraging investment in them, and accelerating the process of automating customs procedures to eliminate administrative and financial corruption.

Al-Waeli said that Al-Kazemi directed the Joint Operations Command to close unofficial crossings to stop smuggling operations, harm the national economy and protect the local product.


Iraq delivers to Kuwait new compensation worth 230 million dollars

2020/11/16 10:46

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Al-Masala: The United Nations Compensation Committee stated, Monday, November 16, 2020, that Iraq paid at the end of last month $ 230 million in compensation to the State of Kuwait.

A responsible source in the committee stated in a press statement that the eighty-seventh session of the committee’s board of directors, which was held last month, expressed its appreciation to the Government of Iraq for its continued respect for its commitment to deposit 3 percent of the oil revenues resulting from the oil export sales and compensation funds.

He added that the council has studied the committee’s work reports, since its last session in November 2019, in various cases, where 5 payments have been made, with a total of $ 38.1 billion, including a payment of $ 230 million on October 27, 2020, with the remainder of this batch being approximately 4.2. One billion dollars owed in connection with the KOC claim.

The source pointed out that with the closure of the environmental compensation program in 2013, the Kuwaiti, Jordanian, and Saudi Arabian governments participating in it submitted a written pledge to provide them with annual reports as long as the work progressed by the committee.

He stressed that the issue of submitting reports after closure is under study by the Council, and that before the decision is made, he welcomes the government of Iraq to receive in writing its views on submitting reports after closure.

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