Parliamentary Finance determines the date for paying employees’ salaries

17:29 – 10/31/2020


Information / Special …

The Parliamentary Finance Committee set, Saturday, the date for paying employees’ salaries for the month of October.

Committee member Abd al-Hadi al-Saadawi said in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “the salaries of employees will be released according to government statements in the first week of next month,” noting that “the Finance Committee is awaiting the government’s response to the statements of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s spokesperson regarding the availability of alternatives to disbursement. Employee salaries.

He added that “Parliamentary Finance possesses a paper to address the financial situation for a period of six months,” noting that “the government is still continuing illegal spending and there is a violation of the disbursement of funds to Kurdistan.”

The Parliamentary Economy Committee confirmed, today, Saturday, that the Ministry of Finance informed the House of Representatives that it had spent 39 trillion dinars for salaries of the past months. 25 T.

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