The US Army provides new military aid to the Peshmerga

The Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced today, Tuesday, that the United States will provide military aid to its two brigades early next month .

In a statement, she said, “The second phase of US military and logistical aid is scheduled to be distributed in early November to the 14th and 16th Brigades in the Ministry of Peshmerga as part of the process of reorganizing and arming the brigade structures.” The aid was announced during a meeting held today, Tuesday, for the leadership and a team of senior US military advisors in Erbil with the Peshmerga Ministry .

The statement indicated that “the ministry’s delegation included Minister Shorsh Ismail, Undersecretary of the Ministry Serbast Zakin and a number of senior officers in the ministry, while the American delegation included the Supreme Commander of the American Forces in the region, Colonel Goliath and the delegation of American military advisors,” indicating that “during the meeting, preparations for aid and assistance were discussed. US military of the Peshmerga forces . ”

The Minister of Peshmerga confirmed, according to the statement, that “the US military and logistical assistance to the Peshmerga forces is the subject of great praise and attention,” explaining that “with these steps, the Peshmerga forces are taking steps towards an advanced and prosperous stage .”

The minister expressed his “appreciation for the desire of the American military advisors in the region to reorganize the Peshmerga forces and urged the steps towards forming a modern military force in which it would be independent and united,” expressing “thanks in the name of the people of Kurdistan and the regional government to the people and the American government .” 

In turn, the commander of the US forces indicated, according to the statement, that “these forces continue to coordinate and provide assistance to the Ministry of Peshmerga,” stressing that “the second phase of military assistance is evidence of America and the coalition’s desire to strengthen the Peshmerga forces, in order to carry out with the cooperating parties to cleanse the region of terrorism and ISIS terrorists .”

He added that “US military aid and aid will be provided to the Ministry of Peshmerga early next month in a special ceremony .”

The statement pointed out that “the meeting concluded with discussions on the issue of relations between the region and Baghdad and the process of forming centers for joint coordination between the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

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