The Minister of Peshmerga announces the date of the opening of the joint coordination center with the Iraqi army

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2020-10-28 04:29

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Shafaq News / The Minister of Peshmerga, Shorash Ismail announced on Wednesday the opening of a joint coordination center between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army at the beginning of next month .

This came during his meeting with the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the International Coalition Forces in Iraq and Syria, Major General Kevin Kobsey, and the senior delegation accompanying him, which includes military advisers from the coalition .

During the meeting, which was attended by high-ranking officers in the Ministry of Peshmerga, they discussed relations between the ministry and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, as well as the issue of forming a joint coordination center between the Peshmerga forces and the army forces in areas experiencing a security vacuum .

Ismail referred to the rapprochement between the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Iraqi Defense Ministry, noting that on the date 1-11-2020, the joint coordination center will be opened in Erbil and then in Baghdad, which will contribute to maintaining the security and stability of the region .

For his part, Copsey said, “Joint action between the forces in the context of confronting terrorism and terrorists will bring us closer to achieving victory, and it will be an important factor in breaking the thorn of terrorism in the region .”

The reform file in the Ministry of Peshmerga was another focus of the meeting, where the minister said, “We have come to a good stage in organizing and implementing the paragraphs related to the reform process, noting that the role of the coalition advisers in cooperation and coordination with the teams of the Ministry of Peshmerga implementing the reform process is of great appreciation and concern to us .”

Major General Kevin Kobsi praised Badro and the courage of the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces in confronting terrorists and maintaining the security of the region, saying that “the international coalition wants the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army to reach a final agreement and for this agreement to become a correct basis in facing the risks, reaffirming the international coalition to continue providing support The logistical and military forces of the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army.

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