The Iraqi Government .. The Salaries Of The Employees Are Fully Insured

On October 28, 2020

Al-Mustaqila … The official spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, Ahmad Mulla Talal, confirmed that the employees ’salaries are fully insured.

And Mulla Talal said during a press conference held yesterday in Baghdad, that the news that spoke about the intention of the Central Bank to print a new currency is incorrect, because the monetary policy management of the Central Bank is a clear administration and aims to maintain the exchange rate.

This confirmation comes after the circulation of many news about the delay in the delivery of salaries to employees and that the Central Bank of Iraq will resort to printing more currency to cover the deficit in salary insurance.

According to the reporter of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Ahmed Al-Saffar, the estimated information confirms that there are 8 million people in Iraq who receive salaries from the state, including an employee, a retired, social welfare and others, despite the prime minister’s request to provide names with double salaries to stop this situation.

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