The Iraqi Government .. The Salaries Of The Employees Are Fully Insured

On October 28, 2020

Al-Mustaqila … The official spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, Ahmad Mulla Talal, confirmed that the employees ’salaries are fully insured.

And Mulla Talal said during a press conference held yesterday in Baghdad, that the news that spoke about the intention of the Central Bank to print a new currency is incorrect, because the monetary policy management of the Central Bank is a clear administration and aims to maintain the exchange rate.

This confirmation comes after the circulation of many news about the delay in the delivery of salaries to employees and that the Central Bank of Iraq will resort to printing more currency to cover the deficit in salary insurance.

According to the reporter of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Ahmed Al-Saffar, the estimated information confirms that there are 8 million people in Iraq who receive salaries from the state, including an employee, a retired, social welfare and others, despite the prime minister’s request to provide names with double salaries to stop this situation.

Nujaifi reveals the reason for the Iraqi front’s move to overthrow Halbousi


Mohammed Al-Halbousi

Iraqi front

2020-10-27 07:57

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Shafaq News / The leader of the Iraqi Front, Atheel Al-Nujaifi, revealed today, Tuesday, the reason for MPs in the front seeking to dismiss and change the head of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi from his post.

Al-Nujaifi said, to Shafaq News Agency, that “the new Iraqi front, whose goal is to coordinate and work from now until the end of the current parliamentary session, has nothing to do with what comes after this date, and this front aims to coordinate positions at the present time between the representatives who entered this front and interest Pressing issues in the Sunni community. ”

He stated that “the issue of dismissing and changing the Iraqi parliament speaker, Muhammad al-Halbousi, is among the issues raised in the front, especially that there is a desire for this matter by the representatives who split from Al-Halbousi and disagreed with him. It is acceptable to many of these deputies, which is why there is an effort to change Al-Halbousi.

The “Iraqi Front” urged the day before yesterday, Sunday, for the need to “reform” the legislative institution, and decided to elect Osama Najafi as its president.

The new alliance consists of the Salvation and Development Front headed by Osama al-Nujaifi, the Iraqi Islamic Party headed by Rashid al-Azzawi, the Arab Project headed by businessman Khamis al-Khanjar, the masses bloc headed by Ahmad al-Jubouri, and the independent Iraqi bloc.

Tariq Harb: The new election law will “bring down” major political blocs and leaders!

2020.10.27 – 14:14

Baghdad – People  

Legal expert Tareq Harb suggested, on Tuesday, that the new election law would “topple” many political blocs and political leaderships.  

Harb said in a clarification continued by “People” (October 27, 2020), “as long as the new law prevented the transfer of votes from the leaders of the blocs and the transfer of votes from the blocs to the rest of the candidates, as was approved by the previous election laws.”  

He added, “This was happening in all previous elections, as many arrived in Parliament with the leader’s votes and the bloc’s votes, not their own, and this applies to many blocs such as the State of Law, Victory, Wisdom, Najafi, Salhi, Allawi and others.”  

He continued, “Not converting votes means toppling those blocs, as long as the candidate will not benefit from the votes of the leader of his electoral bloc and will not benefit from the votes of his electoral bloc, as was the case in previous laws.”  

He also indicated, “The candidate will not benefit from the many votes of the leader of his electoral bloc and the many votes of his electoral bloc with the legislation of the new law.” State law. ”  

He explained by saying, “This is said about the Baghdad MPs from the Nasr Bloc and the Wisdom bloc and others, and all of these will not get one seat according to the new law without getting their votes themselves, and they will not be able to invest the votes of the leader of the bloc,” noting that this means that these representatives will retire The leaders of large blocs and blocs after the new law stripped them of that advantage.  

The legal expert also said, “The candidate who does not achieve benefit from the leader and the benefit of the bloc will not care about the leader of the bloc and will not care for the bloc and will not affiliate with it as long as she did not help him, even with one vote, to enter parliament, so what is the value of the head of the bloc in relation to the candidate if this president does not?” He benefits him even if only with one vote, and what is the value of his mass for the candidate if this mass does not benefit him even if one vote, and so the sun of the former leaders set and the sun of the previous blocks.

Al-Kazemi directs to fully open the Green Zone


the green Zone



2020-10-27 06:43

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazimi, directed, on Tuesday, to fully open the Green Zone in Baghdad, after closing it on the sidelines of security measures following the escalation of missile attacks.

Al-Kazemi also decided to open the suspension bridge towards the airport back and forth from six in the morning until five in the afternoon.

Zidan and the US ambassador discuss the completion of the investigation into the cases of the accused from Iraq and America

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Tuesday 27 October 2020 | 02:20 PM

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Baghdad / .. The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Fayeq Zidan, received today, Tuesday, the Ambassador of the United States of America, Matthew Tueller.

A statement by the judiciary media stated that Zaidan discussed with the American ambassador frameworks for cooperation between the Iraqi judiciary and the American investigation authorities in completing the investigation of the cases involving accused persons from Iraq and America.

Chaired by Al-Kaabi .. The start of the meeting of the Finance Committee to discuss a bill to finance the fiscal deficit

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Member of the Parliament Presidency, Hassan Al-Kaabi, chaired a meeting of the Finance Committee on Tuesday to discuss the draft law on financing the fiscal deficit.

His media office stated, in a statement, that “Al-Kaabi chaired an important meeting of the Finance Committee.”

The statement added, “The meeting comes to discuss a bill to finance the fiscal deficit.”