Passing the fiscal deficit law for the payment of salaries … A deputy determines a time period before the final vote in Parliament

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Baghdad Today _ Follow up 

Today, Sunday, a member of the House of Representatives for the Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, set a period of time before the final vote on the fiscal deficit law to finance salaries and disburse them to employees known in the media as the borrowing law.

Jamal Cougar said, in a televised interview, followed by (Baghdad Today), “Parliament conducted the first reading of the Fiscal Deficit Financing Law, and after 72 hours it should hold the second reading, and between the first reading and voting on it, Parliament needs 6 days.”

Cougar added, “The government requested 41 trillion dinars to finance the salaries of the remainder of 2020, and we find that this number is large and meetings will be held with the Minister of Finance to amend and reduce it.”

The reporter of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Representative Ahmed Al-Saffar, revealed, on Saturday 10/24/2020, the latest developments in the file for discussing the draft fiscal deficit law, and the possibility of voting on it in Parliament in preparation for the distribution of salaries of employees, retirees and those entitled to social care.

Al-Saffar said in a televised interview, followed by (Baghdad Today), that “the Finance Committee understands the need of citizens to distribute their salaries without delay, and the government presented a mini-budget under the title of the draft fiscal deficit law.”

He pointed out, “We are waiting for quick measures from the government to maximize revenues, and we have approved the first borrowing law, on the condition that reforms are introduced.”

He pointed out that “continuing to borrow is a dangerous matter for future generations,” adding, “We want to host the Minister of Finance to explain the government’s position on insurance of expenses, especially with regard to salaries and the salaries of retirees.”

And he added, “We believe that the government needs 20 trillion dinars only to secure salaries for the coming months,” while expecting that “the law will be passed in full within 10 days after meeting with the government to reduce values.”

“I expect to pass the fiscal deficit law with less than the 41 trillion dinars requested by the government, within 72 hours,” he said.

“Salaries will be secured until the end of 2020 according to the borrowing law,” he said, explaining that “the government has not yet submitted the draft budget for 2021, although the Financial Management Law indicates that it must be submitted on 10-15, that is, 9 days before.”

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