Al-Kazemi: I dance with the snakes daily and look for a flute to control them

Editing date: 10/23/2020 11:18


Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi warned against forcing him to achieve an “impossible” balance between the United States and Iran in Iraq, saying, “I dance daily with snakes, but I am looking for a pipe to control them,” according to the British newspaper, The Guardian. .

During his European tour this week, Al-Kazemi urged Europe to help his country’s debt-ridden economy.

Al-Kazemi assumed the premiership last May, after unprecedented protests against corruption.

“Since taking office, he has governed with a simple program to conduct early elections, improve security performance, and prevent the collapse of the oil-based economy,” the Guardian says, referring to his “slow” changes in the security and economic institutions.

In a press briefing after his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Al-Kazemi pledged that elections in Iraq would take place on June 6, saying that “the election date is indisputable, and we are committed to it.”

Some accuse Al-Kazemi of moving with extreme caution, but he told reporters that patience is better than being drawn into bloody chaos and civil war, adding, “A thousand years of discussion is better than a moment of exchange of fire.”

According to the Guardian, Al-Kazemi is trying to walk a compromise between the United States and Iran, saying: “I am on a rope between two tall buildings. I am not required to walk on a rope, but to ride a bicycle on a rope. I dance daily with snakes, but I am looking for a flute to control snakes.” .

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