A prominent politician: The Iraqi delegation will discuss in London the “normalization” between Baghdad and Tel Aviv





Normalization with Israel

Tel Aviv

2020-10-19 06:30

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Shafaq News / The prominent Iraqi politician, close to the US administration, Mithal Al-Alusi revealed, on Monday, that the Iraqi government delegation discussed the issue of “normalization” between Baghdad and Tel Aviv during his European tour, which began yesterday, and includes Paris, Berlin, and London.

Al-Alusi said, to Shafaq News, “There are millions of Iraqis who write messages through various methods who want” normalization “between Baghdad and Israel.

Can Iraq establish relations with Israel?

He indicated that “Iraq is in dire need of normalization of relations with Israel, and Iraq will not be a sovereign state unless it moves towards normalization with Israel before other Arab countries.”

The prominent Iraqi politician added that “the visit of the Iraqi delegation to London will witness formal and informal meetings to discuss the issue of normalization.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa Al-Araji confirmed in a television interview, “Iraq is very prepared to normalize relations with Israel, and the conditions are well-suited.”

He added that “it is possible that the normalization decision will come from the Najaf governorate, not from the capital, Baghdad,” referring to the Shiite religious authorities.

And the Iraqi government had previously confirmed, while commenting on the normalization of the relationship between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, that “this is an internal affair for these countries.”


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