Sources: Washington gives Sudan 24 hours for normalization with Israel

Editing date: 10/15/2020 15:18

Where News _ International

, Sudanese media reported that the United States gave Sudan 24 hours to submit an answer regarding removing its name from the list of countries supporting terrorism and normalizing relations with Israel

. Last month, Israeli media reported that there was a call for a “tripartite meeting in Abu Dhabi between American officials the Emirati and Sudanese on the normalization of relations between Khartoum and Tel Aviv agreement ”

and trying the US administration of President Donald Trump put pressure is enormous on Sudan to normalize its relations with Israel and sign a ” peace agreement ” in exchange for write – off of Khartoum from the list of state sponsors of terrorism and financial aid from the Gulf states

came in the offer Finally, the United States will work to remove Sudan from the list of travel ban countries according to Executive Order 9983 issued last January, which includes visas for the Green Card Lottery.

Washington affirms in the offer its intention to facilitate private investment in Sudan by introducing the necessary amendments to the Darfur Peace Act of 2006, in addition to hosting an investment conference for Sudan with its allies

. The offer mentioned that Washington pledges to provide wheat, medicine and other aid to Sudan, as well as to write off 3 billion dollars from its debt owed to the United States by the fiscal year starting in October 2021

and will lead the United States efforts to convene a meeting of the Paris Club with creditors to discuss debt relief and in line with the HIPC initiative debt “HIPC”

states that , despite taking the administrations of former President Barack Obama, the current President Donald Trump Steps to significantly improve bilateral relations with Sudan, including by lifting some economic sanctions. The inclusion of Sudan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism remained a major obstacle to easing the current economic situation.

The classification prevents the American government from providing economic aid to Sudan and requires Washington to oppose loans and grants to Khartoum from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which are dominated by the West.

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