The start of the “strategic dialogue” between the United States and Saudi Arabia

2020.10.14 – 18:31
The start of the "strategic dialogue" between the United States and Saudi Arabia

Baghdad – People  

The strategic dialogue between the United States and Saudi Arabia kicked off on Wednesday at the headquarters of the US State Department in Washington, DC, with the participation of the two countries’ foreign ministers, Mike Pompeo and Faisal bin Farhan .  

The two parties are scheduled to discuss, (October 14, 2020), strengthening cooperation between the two countries at the security and economic level, resolving the conflict in Yemen, the Iranian regime’s threats, and confronting the Corona pandemic.  

At the opening of the dialogue, Pompeo expressed his hope that Saudi Arabia would consider normalizing relations with Israel, and joining the Abraham Agreement, which Israel signed with the UAE and Bahrain under US auspices in mid-September.  

The US Secretary of State urged the kingdom to encourage the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table with Israel.  

“We have encouraged the kingdom in the area of ​​human rights, including freedom of expression, and there is concern about American citizens,” Pompeo said.  

For his part, Farhan al-Nizam confirmed that the Iranian government continues to fund terrorist groups, especially in Yemen, noting that in the dialogue, how to confront Tehran’s destabilizing activities in the region will be discussed.  

US President Donald Trump had expected Saudi Arabia to join the Ibrahim Agreement “at the appropriate time,” as he put it.

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