The “Iraqi Resistance” announces the cessation of its operations against the American forces




Iraqi resistance


2020-10-10 09:20

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Shafaq News / On Saturday, the “Iraqi Resistance” group announced a halt to military operations against American and foreign forces in the country to allow them to withdraw from the country.

This came in a statement from the Coordinating Body of the “Iraqi Resistance”, which is largely unknown. It is believed that it includes armed Shiite factions close to Iran, including the “Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades”, “Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq” and “Harakat al-Nujaba”.

In its statement, the “Iraqi Resistance” stated, “We give foreign forces a conditional opportunity – in respect of the good efforts made by some national and political figures – to set a limited and specific timetable for the implementation of the decision of the people and the parliament to expel them from the country.”

The statement warned the Americans, “a severe warning against the consequences of evasive, procrastination and procrastination in achieving the demand of the first people; otherwise, we will have to move to an advanced combat phase, taking advantage of the capabilities of the resistance in quantity and quality.”

The “Iraqi resistance” acknowledged its targeting of the American forces in Iraq, saying, “Some of your brothers took the mujahideen at the forefront of their resistance activities using simple means as a first step in a long road they had planned” after Washington did not respond to the Iraqi parliament’s decision to withdraw from the country.

She added, “The American occupier took a groan, and could not continue to endure these blows, so he resorted to the psychological war card, to change the convictions of the Iraqi society through the threat of the political and economic repercussions that could befall Iraq if Saffar is closed.”

It pointed out that “the occupier found himself unable to protect his soldiers, even in their fortified bases with the most modern air defense systems, so he started sending mediations to stop the resistance operations, even for a while.”

For months, the Green Zone (which includes government headquarters and foreign embassy missions) in Baghdad, as well as military bases hosting the international coalition forces, and convoys transporting logistical equipment, have been subjected to missile strikes and IED attacks by unknown parties.

The frequency of these attacks has clearly increased in recent weeks, but they have stopped completely since a meeting between the Deputy Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abdel Aziz Al-Muhammadawi, known as “Abu Fadak”, with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert on the second of the month Ongoing.

It appears that Plasschaert was mediating with “Abu Fadak” to stop the attacks against American forces and interests, after Washington threatened to close its embassy in Baghdad and impose sanctions on Iraq. 

Abu Fadak is a leader in the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, accused of launching attacks on American forces and interests in the country.

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