For the first time … an Israeli-Jordanian airspace agreement that includes countries, including Iraq




Operating flights

2020-10-08 07:14

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Shafaq News / An Israeli website said on Thursday that his country and Jordan had signed an agreement allowing for the first time flights across the airspace of the two countries.

The website “Israel in Arabic” said in a tweet published today on the social networking platforms “Twitter” that the agreement “will lead to shortening the travel hours between the Gulf countries, Asia and the Far East, and between Europe and North America.”

The website added that the agreement includes the routes of flights departing from countries such as Iraq  , the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The agreement allows commercial flights to operate through the airspace of the two countries. And that after negotiations that lasted for several years, according to the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

The pace of these negotiations was accelerated after the conclusion of a peace treaty between Israel and the UAE and the approval of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the passage of flights originating from Israel in its airspace.

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