Thank You!!

Search4Dinar celebrates its 6th, yes 6th Birthday today & I would like to thank you the readers who follows us on this journey.

Here’s to your Health & Wealth!!

God Bless & MAGA!

15 thoughts on “Thank You!!

  1. Hi Walter……omg…I was following you at CC and now 6 years that you are doing this and here we sit still waiting…back on CC I was your Barbara Walters…it was funny at the time….we have talked on the phone way way back….I have not lost faith in this process …I just wish it would just happen and we could just move forward with the blessings…thank you for the work you do….Janette Gillman


  2. Ralph,

    Have been in this 13 years and was once on CC. What a difference your site has made these past six years.
    If I want to read…facts, and not fiction…I come to your site. Talked to you many years ago by email, and you are just as kind now as you are now…just sharing and trying to help all of us waiting

    Thank you for your continued time and effort to keep us informed. You are a good man, Ralph!

    Thank you, sincerely,

    13 years and still believing


    • Sorry for the typo….
      You were just as kind….THEN….as you are….NOW!!!

      Thank you! Stay in good health! Please know some of us remain silent…but we continue to go to your site because we trust you.


  3. Thank YOU, Walter! You are the best news source😊Hard to believe it’s been six glorious years. Stay well!

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Walter (Ralph( , 6years ago WE ,you and I , were on another site with preacherman. I was kjwayne and still am> Thank You for staying the course. Maybe we can make it across the finish line, SOON ! Thanks FRIEND !


  5. 🎈Happy Birthday Ralph!!!🎉
    We really appreciate you keeping us so informed.
    Good to see some of the previous gang from CC.
    Hoping for this wait is getting closer to the end.
    Mr. & Mrs. G


  6. 🎉Happy Birthday Walter!🎈
    We are so grateful to you for keeping us so informed.
    It is good to see some of the previous gang from CC.
    We are hoping this long ride it getting closer to the end/beginning!
    Mr. & Mrs. G


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