A source in the Ministry of Finance reveals the timing of employee salaries distribution

Time: 10/02/2020 20:15:50

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} A source in the Ministry of Finance revealed the date for distributing employees’ salaries that were delayed for days due to the lack of liquidity and the financial crisis that Iraq is going through.

The source said in a press statement that “the distribution of employees’ salaries will take place next week.”

The Ministry of Finance denied yesterday the loss of 6 trillion dinars from the 15 trillion dinars borrowing that the House of Representatives authorized last May to secure the salaries of employees and retirees.

The ministry affirmed that it is “exerting all its energies to successfully manage the current financial crisis.”

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Source: Paying employees will be paid next week

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Baghdad Today – Baghdad

An informed source in the Ministry of Finance confirmed, on Friday, that the employees ’salaries for the month of September will be paid at the end of next week.

The source said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The Ministry of Finance has worked on transferring the revenues of some departments in addition to borrowing from the Central Bank to provide funds for the disbursement of salaries.”

He added, “The current month of October indicates a difficulty in distributing salaries, and the date of disbursement may be delayed until next November.”

The source explained that “the self-financing departments are surprised by the decision of the Ministry of Finance to stop the payment of their salaries and to include them with the central departments in the distribution mechanism, although it has its own funding and it is not among the central departments.”

On Monday, (September 28, 2020), the Ministry of Finance issued a statement regarding the provision of salaries for employees and their delays, while affirming its commitment to work to secure the salaries of employees and retirees and social care.

The ministry said in its statement, which it received (Baghdad Today), a copy of it that it “assures the honorable citizens that it is working diligently to ensure that all government obligations are fulfilled at their specified times, and on top of those obligations are the salaries of state employees, retirees and social welfare.”

The statement added: “It is no secret to the Iraqi public opinion that the ministry is making these efforts under exceptional circumstances and a financial crisis beyond the control of the government, represented by the sharp decline in oil imports, the Corona pandemic and its domestic and international effects, in a manner that exacerbated the shortage of liquidity available to the state, especially with the expansion Unplanned numbers of employees over the past year. ”

He continued: “To address this lack of financial liquidity, the Iraqi government sought to obtain parliamentary legislation that would enable it to borrow internally and externally, and the funds available through internal borrowing amounting to 15 trillion Iraqi dinars were used until the end of last month to finance salaries and meet other basic expenses, especially what It relates to health and security, while international loans are used to finance development projects. ”

The statement indicated that “the Ministry of Finance is currently preparing a detailed road map to finance basic expenditures for the remaining three months of the current year. We will present it soon to the esteemed parliament, and this plan will include increasing the ministry’s ability to borrow internally, and once approved, it will enable us to start.” By fully securing government salaries. ”

He explained that “the ministry is preparing for the 2021 budget draft in a manner that addresses the accumulated financial and economic challenges that burden the country,” noting that “the circumstances the country is currently going through stress the urgent need for political and societal forces to come together, and to work together responsibly to achieve security and stability.” And moving Iraq towards what its patient people deserve in terms of prosperity and development. ”


With documents … taxes achieve record revenues and make an important decision

Editing date: 02/10/2020 12:24

(Baghdad: Where News) A deputy said that the General Authority for Taxes achieved record revenues last September.

Representative Alia Nassif praised, in a statement received by “Where News” agency, a copy of it, “the successful measures implemented by the General Tax Authority, which contributed to increasing state revenues and facilitated the taxpayers’ payment without sending detection and assessment committees, some of which caused harm to the state and citizens due to corruption.”

She added, “Tax revenues last September broke a record by reaching 601 billion dinars, thanks to the excellent measures taken by the Director General of the Tax Authority, which included fighting corruption in the evaluation and disclosure committees. He reduced the battle against corruption by directing a fatal blow to the weak of souls and canceled this The committees opened the door for the taxpayers to come and pay the taxes they owed, and trust returned between the citizen and the General Tax Authority.

Nassif added, “We hope that the rest of the government agencies and ministries will follow the example of the General Tax Authority in facilitating procedures for citizens and bypassing routine episodes, with an emphasis on combating the scourge of corruption and blocking the way for the spoilers, and within the next few days we will reveal to the Iraqi public opinion the corruption that was present in the authority during the state.” The precedent, which we previously called on the Integrity Commission to open an investigation. ”


Finance gives good news to employees and retirees about September salaries





2020-10-02 06:46

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Shafaq News / A source in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance revealed, on Saturday, that the salaries of this September are fully secured with the ministry.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The salaries of employees and retirees for the month of September are fully secured through the availability of financial liquidity.”

He added that “the delay in disbursing salaries is due to technical problems with the technology of transferring funds from the central bank to the account of ministries, institutions and state departments in banks.” 

The source pointed out that “banks will start launching and disbursing the salaries of employees at the end of this week by sending a notice from the finance to the designated banks to release the salaries of employees and retirees.”

Iraq has been struggling to secure the salaries of employees and retirees for months due to the decline in oil prices in global markets due to the Corona pandemic.