The US State Department marks a “major problem” in Iraq



US State Department

Iranian militias

2020-10-01 12:31

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Shafaq News / On Thursday, the US State Department considered the presence of “militias” in Iraq “a major problem.”

US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker said, in a press statement followed by Shafaq News, that “the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq are a major problem and we will not hesitate to move to protect our soldiers there.”

“We cannot tolerate any threat to our embassy in Baghdad, and we will not hesitate to take steps to protect it,” he added.

On Wednesday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein called on the US government to reconsider the “principled” decision to close its embassy in the capital, Baghdad, describing the withdrawal as a dangerous step for the country in all aspects, especially the economic one.

This is the first official acknowledgment by the federal government after reports were received about Washington’s intention to close its embassy in Baghdad due to the increasing attacks by the armed Shiite factions loyal to Tehran that target US interests.

Baghdad announces the arrest of the rocket launchers on Erbil






2020-10-01 11:45

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Shafaq News / The spokesman for the joint operations in Iraq, Tahseen Al-Khafaji, said on Thursday that the perpetrators of the attack on Erbil airport and the targets of the diplomatic missions in Baghdad had been arrested.

Al-Khafaji stated, “People have been arrested involved in targeting diplomatic missions in Baghdad along with the perpetrators of the attack on Erbil airport … and investigations are underway with them according to the information available to us.”

He added, “We cannot give details about those who were arrested … but the party behind these attacks will be announced after the investigation is completed.”

He continued: “We are ready to use force against anyone who targets diplomatic missions, and we will not tolerate any party that harms the security of Iraq,” according to what was quoted by “Sky News Arabia.”

Al-Khafaji concluded his speech by saying, “We are in the leadership, carrying out important intelligence operations and efforts against anyone who uses organized crime … Our duty is to protect the country and provide security and safety to the Iraqi people and to diplomatic missions.”

Unidentified persons fired six missiles at a center of the US-led international coalition forces near Erbil International Airport on Wednesday evening, but they fell on empty land without any casualties.

This is the first attack of its kind in the Kurdistan Region, and the security authorities in Erbil said that the rockets were launched from the Nineveh Plain in an area controlled by the Popular Mobilization Forces. 

Iraq is witnessing, recently, increasing demands from the internal political forces to put an end to missile and improvised explosive device attacks targeting diplomatic missions and foreign forces in the country.

For months, the “Green Zone” (which includes government headquarters and foreign embassy missions) in Baghdad, along with military bases that host the international coalition forces, and convoys transporting logistical equipment, have been subjected to missile strikes and IED attacks by unidentified parties.

Washington accuses Shiite factions that receive support and funding from Iran, including the Iraqi “Hezbollah Brigades”, of being behind the attacks.

With Arab participation, Sulaymaniyah is preparing for the opening of the Second International Book Fair

Kurdistan Region


Book Fair

2020-10-01 08:23

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Shafaq News / Sulaymaniyah Governorate in Kurdistan Region is preparing for the opening of the second international book fair for the period from 18 to 27 November.

Deputy Chamber of Industry and Commerce Yassin Rahim told Shafaq News, “We have started preparations and the exhibition will be opened in cooperation with the Atlas Company, and it will be the second session of the exhibition,” pointing out that “the exhibition will be under the supervision of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Atlas Company.”

He referred to “a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, the International Exhibition Administration, the Traffic Directorate, the Police, Health and the competent authorities.”

Rahim added, “We extended an invitation to participate in publishing houses in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Arab countries and cultural institutions.”

He continued, “We will make our efforts with Sulaymaniyah Health Ministry to take precautionary measures and follow health instructions to prevent Corona virus.”

Regarding the number of houses that will participate in the exhibition, Rahim said, “It is too early to talk about their participation now, especially in light of the Corona pandemic.”

Barzani: We are ready to support Al-Kazemi in the face of “the enemies of Iraq”

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

The President of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, confirmed, on Thursday, that his government is ready to provide a hand of aid and support to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in confronting what he called the enemies of Iraq.

Barzani said, in a statement, that “a group of saboteurs launched, at 8:30 pm yesterday, Wednesday, six missiles, from the Bartella area, near Mosul, towards the headquarters of the International Coalition in Erbil, and fortunately they were unable to inflict any losses.” .

Barzani added, “We see in this attack an attack on the people of the Kurdistan region and their allies in the war against terrorism, and at the same time, we are convinced that all security forces in the Kurdistan region and Iraq, and the Peshmerga forces, Iraqi forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces, must intensify their efforts to block roads in front of these acts of sabotage.” , Carried out by subversive groups. ”

He pointed out that “the sacrifices of the Peshmerga, the Iraqi forces, and the coalition should be an incentive for us to protect the security and stability of Iraq, all embassies, and the world’s representatives, in Iraq, and security must be extended in its best ways, in this difficult economic situation imposed by the Corona pandemic on citizens In our country and in the whole world. ”

Barzani warned that “those who carry out the sabotage attacks are the enemies of Iraq as a whole, and the Iraqi security forces must be one hand in confronting them and presenting them to the law, and on our side and in order to achieve this cooperation with the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, they are ready to provide aid and support, as we are sure.” He will make every effort to achieve security and stability. ”

The World Bank: Iraq stands at a crossroads and its GDP is the worst since 2003

Time: 2020/10/01 09:51:44

{International: Al Furat News} The World Bank considered Iraq’s GDP now to be the worst since 2003.

A bank report obtained by the Euphrates News Agency, a copy of which, stated, “Iraq is now at a crossroads. After nearly two decades have passed since the 2003 war, the country is still stuck in a reality of fragility and is facing an increasing state of political instability and escalating social unrest.” And an ever-deepening gap between the state and the citizen. ”

The report added, “In the midst of a number of crises (including the decline in oil prices, the Corona pandemic, and recent protests), in addition to the accumulation of the effects of weak economic policies, the absence of reforms, and the inability to address corruption, Iraq is now witnessing the worst performance of growth in annual GDP. (GPD) during the year 2020 since the fall of Saddam’s regime {2003}

“Lack of stability, lack of job opportunities, corruption and poor service provision remain among the most important risks surrounding the country’s long-term growth,” he stressed.

And the World Bank continued, “With every crisis, an opportunity appears for reform, but Iraq’s path towards reform will be difficult and uncertain. If we take into consideration the current oil prices and the continuing decline in global oil demand due to the Corona pandemic, the country will face difficulty in meeting the needs of its people in the short term.” .

He added, “But Iraq can embark on a long road, but an urgent need for it, towards structural transformation and reform, a path that may make its economy less dependent on oil and be driven more by private sector activity. The large-scale protests that have erupted since October 2019 and that have sparked?” There are doubts about the country’s current political economy, that such a path towards reform can no longer be avoided. ”

Nevertheless, this report demonstrates that the path towards reform will require more determination and may face many long-standing challenges to change the status quo.

This report highlights what Iraq can accomplish to maintain future growth, but it also explains the reasons that have made the country unable to date to achieve high levels of diversified growth alongside achieving peace, stability and better living standards for its citizens. ”

The World Bank also suggests Strategic paths through which Iraq can be liberated from the reality of fragility, and where peace and stability can create appropriate conditions for citizens to achieve their aspirations, create jobs in the private sector, and achieve prosperity.

In this context, the four chapters of the report provide an insight into the main causes of fragility in Iraq and the challenges of the political economy and their effects on the diversified growth model, an analysis of the characteristics of growth in Iraq and the country’s potential and the benefits of economic diversification, a diagnostic framework for trade and an assessment of Iraq’s potential for trade and regional integration in order to create growth and stability A review of the agricultural sector in Iraq, from primary farming to agri-food systems, and its ability to support economic diversification, growth and stability.

To view the text of the World Bank report … click here

Al-Rafidain: We are continuing to open accounts for citizens to deposit their money and obtain interest

Time: 2020/10/01 09:07:17

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Al-Rafidain Bank announced that it will continue to open accounts for citizens and other segments to deposit their money in the bank.

The bank’s media office said in a statement that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it, “The bank continues to open accounts {saving and current} for citizens and deposit their money in exchange for interest.”

The bank called on “citizens to visit its branches for the purpose of seeing special instructions, placing their money in them and not hoarding them in homes in light of the positive benefits set by the bank in return for that.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi