Iraq calls on the US government to reconsider the decision to close the embassy in Baghdad



Al Akhdat

2020-09-30 06:46

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein called on Wednesday the US government to reconsider the “initial” decision to close its embassy in the capital, Baghdad, describing the withdrawal as a dangerous step for the country in all aspects, especially the economic one .

This is the first official acknowledgment by the federal government after reports were received about Washington’s intention to close its embassy in Baghdad due to the increasing attacks by the armed Shiite factions loyal to Tehran that target US interests .

Hussein said in a press conference held after a meeting between ambassadors of 25 countries with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, that “during the meeting the seriousness of the American decision to withdraw diplomatically” was discussed, indicating that “closing the US embassy in Baghdad gives wrong signals, whether to extremists, they will imagine that There is an imaginary victory for their policy, and it gives false signals to the Iraqi people   that they will be isolated from the world, and this does not help the Iraqi government and people . ”

And he added, “We hope that the US administration will reconsider the decision to close the embassy, and we will communicate with it to reverse this decision .”

Hussein pointed out that “the Iraqi government is not happy with the initial decision to withdraw the US and close its embassy in Baghdad because there are possibilities that this withdrawal will lead to other withdrawals and will affect all economic conditions, including economic conditions .”

And on the visit that Hussein made to Tehran, the latter said, “We were frank during our visit to Iran that these operations would lead to chaos of weapons in Iraq and would lead to a security and political disaster in Iraq and the region . ”

He also said, “In our discussions with the highest levels in Iran, we discussed this issue, and the brothers in Tehran confirmed that they have no relations with these factions, and they are exerting efforts for the sake of stability and security in Iraq .”

The minister added, “The withdrawal is not in America’s interest either, and we understand the electoral situation in its hand,” noting that Iraq is communicating with countries of the world in order to review the decision to withdraw the American side from the country.

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