Parliamentary Finance calls on the government to accelerate the release of salaries

Employees in one of the real estate registration departments

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Economy News – Baghdad

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced that the borrowing law has nothing to do with delaying the release of the salaries of state employees, calling on the government to expedite the release of employees’ salaries.

The Parliamentary Finance said, in a press release received by “Al-Ektissad News”, “The Finance Committee would like to show that the draft law on financing local borrowing to finance the fiscal deficit for the year 2020 has not yet reached the corridors of the House of Representatives and the Finance Committee,” explaining that the borrowing law has nothing to do with delay Launching the salaries of state employees, and the government should speed up sending the economic reform paper.

She added, “We show that securing the funds necessary to pay the salaries of state employees is not the prerogative of the legislative authority but of the executive authority,” stressing that the Finance Committee strives to assist the executive authority in performing its work and securing salaries.

In conclusion of its statement, the Finance Committee called on the Ministry of Finance to expedite the launch and financing of salaries.

Iraq is currently experiencing a stifling financial crisis due to low oil prices and high financial expenditures, as the country needs approximately 6 trillion dinars per month to pay salaries.


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