Baghdad arrests the rocket launchers and stops 19 officers and officials





2020-09-29 10:30

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Shafaq News / The spokesman for the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced, on Tuesday, the arrest of a number of those involved in firing rockets at the Green Zone and military bases, as well as the arrest of 19 officers and security officials.

This came in an interview with Ahmad Mulla Talal during a press conference in the capital, Baghdad, attended by Shafaq News Agency.

Mulla Talal said, “The security forces arrested a number of the rocket launchers,” without indicating their identities or the parties to which they belong.

He also stated that “19 officers and security officials who had fired rockets from partitions of their previous responsibility were arrested” due to their failure to perform their duties. 

On Monday evening, 5 people (3 children and two women) were killed when two Katyusha rockets fell on their home in the Radwaniyah area, near Baghdad Airport, west of the capital.

Following the accident, Al-Kazemi ordered the arrest of the force assigned to protect that area for failing to perform its duties.

Earlier Tuesday, Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanmi said, in a press conference in Karbala, that “what happened yesterday is raging, and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior was able to reach the perpetrators.” 

In the past weeks, the frequency of attacks targeting US forces and the forces and interests of other countries in the anti-ISIS coalition has escalated, if the attacks take place almost daily, amid reports that Washington may close its embassy in Baghdad for 90 days.

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