A source reveals the reason for the government’s delay in releasing salaries and finance that refuses to spend for them

Time: 09/29/2020 23:15:32

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} An informed source revealed the reason for the delay in the government’s release of salaries for employees and retirees.

“The government is facing a deficit of one trillion dinars, and it does not know how to secure it – until now – due to the scarcity of financial liquidity, which is the reason for its delay in launching salaries,” the source said.

He ruled out “paying salaries this week, and that may be postponed to next week.”

He pointed out, “The Ministry of Finance refused to release the salaries of departments and self-financing companies during the month of September.”

And that “those departments and companies have their own funding and are able to spend from their own resources and they are considered among the winning circles.”

The source pointed out, “The departments were amazed at the finance decision to stop the notice of financing their departments, although they are self-financing.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi



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